Monday, August 6, 2012

The big trip!

Going to start this off with the day of the big trip to the farm.  Didn't sleep much at all Monday night, too excited and I was a nervous wreck the entire day Tuesday.  Had to constantly keep doing something I was a jitter bug all day.  Busied myself packing the car full of everything I could think of, and cleaning our house so we came home to nice clean place.
Loki knew something was up also, he can read how I feel, he wouldn't let me out of his sight all day long, followed me everywhere, little fella needs his sleep too young yet to not have his naps.  He was going to be GRUMPY,  and he has puppy class tonight!

As the day went on, the stress built, then of course Jeanne says we have to go to town and mail a few things, that adds to the "driving around" stress I hadn't planned on.  Then we had a veterinarian's appointment for Loki at 4:00 pm,  then down to Lake Geneva for puppy class at 5:00 pm,  fill the car up, check the fluids, front tires needed air.  Enough to keep my mind spinning all day, and keep from the worry I had about the 2 hour drive west.  I guess plenty to think about that I didn't go quite crazy waiting to go.
So, the day passed, no "real" panic, just jitters and excitement,  Loki fell asleep near the end of puppy class he was so tired, and we headed out to Argyle a little later than expected about 6:30 pm,  but we were on our way.

Since my Dad found out I was coming, I had called his wife Jada and my Aunt Linda the night before and told them I was going to come Tuesday night instead hopefully and surprise him.  And I left it open a bit that way, If I had trouble getting there Janesville was about half way to home, we'd stay in a motel or hotel there that allowed dogs, and we'd get to Argyle early Wednesday and nothing would of changed.
But, as we left Lake Geneva, I felt wonderful, excited but really good,  we zipped passed Janesville I felt even better, got to Brodhead, Loki had to pee, so we let him do his business, and grabbed some food and headed west once again.  About 8:45pm we pulled into dads place, like I never left, felt like I was home again.  Walked in the house Jada of course had been trying to text us for a hour, but apparently we were in cell phone cemetary dead zone I guess, seeing if we were coming, so she was relieved we walked in,  and she said my dad just went up to watch tv in bed.
Well, alright,  Loki and I charged up the stairs opened the bedroom door and watched the shocked expression of my Dad laying in bed, at first was "who the heck is that" then the look of HOLY cow "you are here???"  YOU MADE IT!!!  Hugs all around and barking dog mixed in, big smiles.
So, we settled there for the night, in front of what I believe was the coldest wall air conditioner that exists on the planet,  about 2:00 am even my SIBERIAN HUSKY wanted to get under the blankets with me, could see my breath I swear!! hehe.  But I was home all that mattered, and didn't get much sleep,  felt great but was so happy to be home after a little more than TEN YEARS!!!
Was hard to really imagine that just 6 months ago I was in the worst place in my life, now I was home in Argyle feeling probably the best I've felt in my life.  And of course seeing the look on my surprised father's face was worth quite a bit of joy also as Loki and I charged the bed and jumped on my dad once he figured out who was there,  that helped some also.
Just glad he sleeps with shorts and a t-shirt on, that could of been a bit an uncomfortable moment otherwise!!!
So, the planning begun just how to finish suprising my grandma in the morning.  For the passed month i've been planting the surprise seed with her hehe.  She loves to bring lots of food when she visits, so I had a nice menu planned that she thought she would be bringing to see ME.  Instead we'd dine tomorrow at her place among family.   Apparently to this point she's the only person in Wisconsin that doesn't know I'm coming to see her instead,  she still thinks that in two days she's coming to see me.  And she has been driving Aunt Linda and my dad nuts about it for 2 weeks.  She gets so excited when it comes time to see her Grandson.
And I've been telling her Argyle probably is just too far for me to go yet, didn't want to push it.  That was party true,  I was worried that I wouldn't make it, so didn't want to break her heart that I didn't come all that way, so surprising her, knowing she felt in her heart that I truly wouldn't be able to get that far, would really be a shock and joy to her that I did.
Matter of fact I already miss her, going to call and say I love you right now.
DAY 2 tomorrow
thanks for reading.