Monday, August 27, 2012

Catching up falling behind!

Misleading post title maybe?  Feeling great for past week.  Been so busy painting and redecorating and whatever else I can get myself into that I've fallen behind in my updates.  Sorry about that.

It's been really just the same old story for the last week,  dog park, dog walk, paint, pick on the kids etc etc.  Been trying to embed with the kids to quit leaving all their crap laying around and my new attempt to have kids untie their shoes before removing and the like. 

The two middle age kids are taking to it fairly well, because they love to use their 3ds game things hehe.   The oldest has learned that if he just hides his shoes it's easier I guess, which is almost a win for me because they are no longer just dropped wherever he feels like it,  on the couch, on top of the back of the couch, on chairs, tables, floor, wherever he is at the time, so one step forward.  The youngest girl of 5, well, not much for shoelaces yet, all velcro, but she must have 8 or 9 slippers, shoes or flipflops,  I know this because I give her the same foot attire daily 8 or 9 times because they are left, on the floor, on the couch, on chairs wherever lol.  Wonder where she's learning that?

They are probably getting nervous, school starts in about a week, and I can't stop smiling, all 4 will be out of the house for a while.  Heh I'll probably miss them,  but i'll take the chance hehe.

Oh, and now we appear to have a mouse infestation which is driving the mother-in-law up the wall, which is fun to watch really, but that's not very nice now is it?  Apparently they've been picking on her pretty good for the past couple days, peeking out at her when she's watching TV,  cute aren't they?  Well, Jeanne sets the traps, I dispose,  setting six traps today, set two last night got one, the other was tripped and cleaned grrrr.

Ok, far as anxiety goes, like I was saying, been great, not sleeping worth a crap but feel very good.  Loki however isn't,  we took him to vet about 3 weeks ago for what we figured was yeast infection in his right ear, and it was.  Medication worked for a bit, now it's in both ears and a bit of a rash on his nose, and it's driving him slowly nuts.  So back to the vet again last week, then again this week, he's getting pricy.

So, now he's got allergy medication for a while and my dog will be on STEROIDS!!  for about 3 days to see if it can clear it up.  Hope he doesn't get roid rage, he's in the bedroom now lifting weights.  Odd.

I believe it was partly my fault the last allergy outbreak, he just loves the water we found out, the river by the dog park isn't very deep and he jumps in there and splashes around and hard to get him out.  Well that water probably isn't the cleanest to be around, the last time he was in there, that night he had that odd rash on his nose, Vet isn't concerned but she gave us medications right away, the roids and allergy stuff, so.......... we'll see.  Have to clean his ears with a special cleaner every other day, which surprisingly he handles quite well... once I catch him hehe.  Soon as I reach for cotton swabs he is oddly vacant from the area.

We haven't been going on as much, due to the fact when I do I can't help but to buy something, and that is not good.  I look at it as a reward for pushing my ass hard as I can to improve my anxiety, but gotta reward myself without spending somehow soon geez.  But if the weather is cool enough we walk the dog and then take him with us to the store, of course most stores he has to wait in the car, so I can't help but buy him a treat or toy, spoiled spoiled spoiled :).

Ok,  that's good for now, I'll try to keep up a bit better, just been crazy running around,  but I love writing this, I love the comments and encouragement received.  And I hope those that have endured similar or worse than I have with the issues I do, have enjoyed reading this and more so has helped them in some way.  Feel free to message me anytime with anything.

Thanks for reading.