Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 4: So good to be home!

Day 4:  Dad and I were going fishing this morning!   Yeah right Jim stayed til 1:00 am, I found that out later, but had figured he would stay late and Dad would be in bed.  But of course this morning I awoke at 5:00 am and checked out the window to see if his truck was here, then back to bed, check at 6 no dad, check at 7 no dad hehe.   So, Loki and I went for a walk after saying good morning to the ladies of the house.
After another wonderful breakfast,  I think today was Linda's omelette, couldn't believe how good it was, best i've had.  I think so far just being home that all food just tastes better on the farm, kinda weird eh? 
Pretty uneventful morning just sat and chatted about whatever with Grandma and Linda and waited for Jeanne to begin her day,  *not a morning riser*  hehe.  Loki was finally getting over his anxiety a bit, takes him a while to get accostomed to a new place,  and he was beyond getting spoiled by Grandma now, he'd sit right by her at every meal, instead of me, quite funny,  Grandma just can't resist feeding others especially our furry companions.

Dad finally come groggily into the door late morning he had brought up the burgers and some more left overs from the feast the other night and we'd chow that down for lunch today.  Matt and Ann had invited us over to their place in Darlington for brats and french onion soup tonight, and to see their place,  but I had to decline,  I felt I was already stretching my limits after the long trip.
Every new place I go there is a stress that hits me pretty good until I'm used to it, and after this journey, right now I thought I probably should stick to the farm and nearby,  but I really wanted to see them and their kids before we left, so I was going to make them a nice meal at Grandma's on Saturday,  they gladly accepted.  Matt and I had been at ends off and on for a few years because my anxiety kept me from a couple of commitments to him, and I had a hard time with that, he's my cousin and a dear friend,  really didn't want to leave this trip with him grumpy with me again.
Dad had also invited us for supper that night too,  and that was a bit easier trip for me to make.  About 5:30 that night he called to see if we were going to Matt's or coming for fish at their place, at that point we decided on Dad's because of the reasons I talked about.   He had to pick up the fish in Darlington.

Just to make it more interesting, about 15 minutes later I figured he'd be headed out, and sure enough as I jogged to the roadway, Jada and Dad were headed out of the driveway,  as they drew nearer I decided it was time for them to see the full moon in mid-day,  and dropped my drawers,  thank God they were the only ones coming by at the moment.  I thought it was only Greg in the truck, but oh well Jada was there too LOL.

About a hour later more frantic feeding frenzy would be upon us,  as Amber and her kids  were at supper, and once again I had no issues eating at the table with many around.  Magic waters in this farm I guess,  maybe we need to start a business there for others with my issues,  was getting to be at this point I didn't want to leave to go back "home".
anyways,  was mostly about food all day today,  and just feeling very good,  still great to be home.

cya tomorrow.