Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stress stress stress

Well yeah, been awhile, October been just brutal month of constant running with really no pay off it seems.  Just stress and more of it.  So, without further introductions,  I guess i'll try to catch up where I left off.

Last time I posted was about 16 days ago, which seems like 2 years. The month started with Jeanne having to take her dad to milwaukee for his radiation treatments.  So, I'm home alone, which yeah big deal right?  Well she's gone from 3-5 hours, that's new for me over the past 10 years, so that raised stress levels way up, but surprisingly didn't really effect my anxiety, in the past that would of driven me into a frenzy, but I survived it, only lasted a couple weeks I guess.  What's funny about it,  her Dad would drive 30 minutes to Burlington to meet with Jeanne then have her drive using our gas, so he could save money.  So nice of him.  That's part of my stress I live around, it's little things

But, my main cause and concern, and yeah i'll get yelled at for posting I guess the issues I have with my mother-in-law, but if you don't want to read about it, don't read it here!  First of all she don't like men, so strike one on me, no she's married, seperated of course, just doesn't like guys, and most women the way it seems, unless she's trying to impress someone then you see a different person, soon as they are gone, back to same old same old.

This will take a bit to go through.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Moving on, one day at a time

Well, been awhile again, just haven't felt like writing lately. lazy I guess.  Loki had his surgery last Tuesday, everything went very good, good but costly, darn expensive.  But hopefully worth it in the long run,  sure an empty house without him around.  hated it.  Got me even looking for another puppy just for my own well being, and just in case scenarios. Hate to think that way, but besides we WANT more dogs,  two would be plenty,  and more costly, but we love dogs so much.  Going to keep looking very hard,  Loki will be healed up in another 10 days when he gets the cone of shame off, and his stitches removed from his belly.

Poor dog, a good 8 or 9 inch incision on his belly and all shaved off, plus front leg party shaved, I assume for the intravenus (I-V) and a scab on his back between his shoulder blades, I think is the microchip implant.  Sure cant' even tell he's had surgery. The first day back, he was a little down, but not for long, now 5 days removed he's raring to go, but he cant' do much for another 9 or 10 days.  Took forever the day we were to pick the little brat up from the Vet's office.  I was watching down the hallway that goes into the "vet's" area,  and Loki must of heard my voice,  here I see him pop his head out of a doorway, and yeah, the nurse wasn't gonna hold him from coming to see daddy, not my boy hehe.  Here he comes, and I tell ya,  I got mauled with kisses all over, whining and wiggling doggy happy to see his dad.  And vice versa.