Thursday, August 9, 2012


Another hot nights sleep waking to a humid hot morning,  Dad and I keep mentioning going fishing early early in the morning, but I can't seem to climb out of bed til 6:30, but tonight after supper we were going to try and go, looking forward to it.

Weird thing, being 3rd day, i'm taking my regular medication as usual, but I've only had 2 little issues that weren't really even worth worrying about.  One at lunch yesterday, which I should mention I've been eating breakfast, lunch and supper with everyone,  at home I can't seem to eat with anyone else, have to be alone or with Jeanne.

So, much comfort level is way higher,  driving down through the pasture with dad, like the old days bouncing through the fields, I had a little issue, but it went away very quickly.  And that's the first time I've been riding in a vehicle without Jeanne in over 10 years,  didn't bother me a bit, hate to say it, but was even more comfortable,  except the bouncing all over, that's what caused a little blip of anxiety, not used to that, something new and not used to it.

Last night we had a superb ribs and hamburger meal at dads and I chowed that down at the table with everyone there. WOW great ribs.  No trouble.  And I have had people constantly around non-stop, cousin Matt and wife Ann, both their kids,  Eva and Linda,  Jada and Greg,  it's really been non-stop go go go.  And I feel great.  At home with all the kids around I get stressed quickly.  Even around Jeanne's sister and her husband and especially mother-in-law I get jumpy a lot.

Anyways,  pork chops at Eva's tonight, then Dad and I were going fishing,  but low and behold, more surprises to the chaos.  JIM ERB!!! Was at my dad's place.  No fishing, but what a treat to see my godfather and one of the best guys you'll ever ever meet anywhere,  hugs all around and a nice long chat with chief jim crow!!  But after a busy day we went to bed at 10:00 dead tired from all the activity.  Maybe in the morning we'll fish?   Yeah right Jim stayed til 1:00 am hehe.  Greg wasn't going to be up and around early.

One other thing odd,  I've been driving around the farm by myself, and Loki.  With ease, going around just me and the dog,  driving down to Greg's, walking around taking pictures.  Confusing to the brain to not even contemplating anxiety,  at many points during this trip, it makes me really think this is where I should be to get over this anxiety for good then move on with life, but that's pretty unfair to Jeanne, she doesn't want to be there in the boonies hehe,  she likes life closer to what's going on,  living 3 minutes from every bit of shopping and food you need.

But for me, I guess i'm always going to be a farm boy, hunting and fishing and a bit more laid back I guess, less stress.  Less chaos.  Pretty much had your set plan on the farm, of course the cows are gone now, really not a lot of chores to do,  but it's still, get up, eat breakfast,  eat lunch, eat supper, go to bed, without a ton of surprises in between.

Where i'm at, you never know what's going on, always feel like a mushroom in the closet getting fed manure,  people come and go, or you get the surprise knock on the door to do some odd chore that just can't possibly wait,  or the non stop train of kids and others knocking on the door wanting something they can't find, because Jeanne and I put everything away or it wouldn't be put away.
Today I got urgent 4 children hurridly knocking on the apartment door for a killer mouse in the kitchen that apparently the 11 year old boy of the house would of gotten eaten by,  so I donned a glove and took it outside.  *sigh*.   Nice to be needed,,,,, I guess.

Anyway,  Day 3 of the visit was more controlled chaos and surprise all around, I felt so blessed to be there, and was treated like a king,  "you hungry" ?  sure i'll eat hehe, and food was served,  Love it.  Yeah if I lived there that wouldn't continue but I sure enjoyed the time we spent there!  Loved being home again.

Tomorrow, once again more chaos, more people all over the place.

Cya tomorrow.