Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What a difference a day makes!

Well, 2 days ago I thought my anxiety world was turning it's ugly head.  But either mind over matter or maybe a bug going around causing some body issues triggering panic with me I don't know.

But today had a wonderful day,  couple long walks and play with the dog in the morning, started early prepping for a day of painting the 2nd bathroom, and everything was going great, and still is.  Don't recall having any issues at all today what so ever.

SPent a good 3 hours taping, patching, all the prepping crap, and then painting mostly all of the bathroom, and cleaning up my wonderful mess.  Will have to post some pictures after everything is done, if I remember to get before and after pictures, which I doubt I will.  But looking good, and great therapy except the fumes.  But it sure keeps your mind going in a positive direction, no time to think about anxiety.

Had to beg Jeanne to take Loki and I to the dog park, but she ended up being glad we went, nice cool evening sun out with a storm to the south with nice lightning show.  But Loki loved it, ran off all his wild beans he had, chased a few other pups around,  but he started getting a little sassy again with another German Shepherd, dunno what's causing his problems with that breed, but we had to step in again and basically just take him out of the park.

So, there is a nice hiking trail that runs along the dog park, over the river and yes through the woods, but not to Grandma's house.  But very peaceful nice walk through the woods.  We've done it before, and since I was feeling so great, we went a lot further, and took a detour through what looks like a trail made by others who come to go fishing, off the beaten path more or less.

That led to an interesting walk.  Wasn't far of a hike probably a mile or so,  but to get back using this off the path trail, we had to cross an old rail road bridge,  old old bridge eeeks.  Lot of rotten logs, was sort of a path of boards on the one side, but the boards weren't always there.  And it's about a 25 foot drop to the river that was zipping over a dam below that you could easily see below your feet.

Now, normally I HATE heights, especially on something that looked less than inviting to cross, but someone else had just went before us a few minutes ago, so pfft let's go, with Loki in tow hehe.  Half way acrossed, of course I was making Jeanne nervous talking about how rotten the boards were and we'll probably be dropping through at any time, and why wasn't I having any height issues?  Maybe taking care that Loki didn't fall through the cracks I guess, had him on a short leash.

But 1/2 way across we came to a bit of an issue,  the little board path on the one side, I guess decided that the boards didn't need to be there anymore, so that was wide open to the water rushing below, so it's now on to the railroad beams itself, which were really in rotten shape, and Loki decided he wanted nothing to do with that, he could see clear through also, at first he made it a few beams at a time, but that was it. 

Now, I have to back up a few minutes,  forgot the part about 15 minutes ago where we let Loki swim in the river fora bit,  wished I had a longer leash, he seems to just love the water,  however he seems to love the mud in the bottom of the river even more, nearly up to his belly full of river stinky river mud.

So, now back on the bridge, Loki still dripping with river water and drying mud, he decides Daddy is going to have to carry him through this step of the journey.  Ok, umm no problem, he's only 50 lbs, and doesn't mind being carried,  and he was fine, nervous but fine, so about 20 feet of one step at a time, no railing and rotting beams that were about a foot apart and water below, didn't bug me a bit, once again odd, but i'll take it.
Well, soon as I put Loki down again, he was ready to rumble again no problem, but now i'm about as wet and muddy as he is, my entire shirt was covered.  Ah well.  Had to pick him up and carry him twice more before we finished going over the bridge, It was quite long.  Would like to do that again, but maybe without a muddy pup.  Bad thing is I wanted to go in a couple stores after this to make sure i'm still going forward and feeling as wonderful as I do now. 

So, back to the car, jump in,  Jeanne had an extra sweatshirt on over her shirt, so I guess i'll wear that, and into Menards for some more paint,  then off to Dunham sports for a bit, picked up a couple things i've been wanting,  Magnesium firestarter i've wanted since watching all those Survivor shows,  emergency blanket for around the campfire to reflect the heat back,  and an injector for getting the juices down in roasts, chicken etc.  And I'm still feeling tip top.

SO, we're going to plan an overnight camping trip maybe this weekend,  once again another thing I love to do, and haven't done for probably 12 years.  So, looking forward to that, and wondering how Loki will handle sleeping in a tent.

keep you posted on that :)