Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 2 : surprising Grandma!

After a chilly nights sleep in sub zero arctic air-conditioning, we awoke after a pleasant 3 hour sleep.  Said good morning to Greg and Jada, felt good, tired but good, was really excited to surprise Grandma.
After a hour or so chatting, we decided it was time for Greg to go up and say good morning and set the surprise wheels in motion.  He was going to make sure Grandma was in her living room furthest from the front of the house, then I'd call on the cell phone after we walked up to the house from Greg's and let Aunt Linda or Greg know we were ready.
The call was made.  We sat on the benches in front of the house you can see from the kitchen windows.  The scheme was, a couple from out of town wanted to stop by and take a look at her barn quilt that was hanging on her garage.  It's one Jeanne and I had painted for her, looks great by the way.

Wasn't more than 30 seconds, and I could see heads peaking out the kitchen window,  I kinda kept my head low, Loki and Jeanne were just looking around.  But a minute or so passed, I looked up at the window, and then I heard thunderous laughter coming from the kitchen.  Apparently, as Grandma usually does, she always goes to the window there and looks out to see who's there.  Linda and Greg said later that Grandma came to the window, and was looking out, and looking out,  creeping closer to the window, and then suddenly ,  "THAT's LANCE!!!",  and she turned and gave my dad a big hug and slugged him on the arm,, "you knew" she said hehe,  Grandma doesn't really ever swear, but she called him and Linda a few words that she replaces for the bad ones.
Anyway, wasn't more than 20 seconds after the laughter she come charging out of the house with probably the biggest smile i've ever seen, probably from both of us.  "You made it here!".   I told her I couldn't stay long,  because they were supposed to come see me tomorrow down in Burlington, at which point I got a big hug and a slug in the arm hehe.
I don't think anyone stopped smiling the entire day.  I'd finally made it home after 10 years,  and I was reminded after I got BACK home, that we didn't even go see Grandpa Bobs grave.  grrrrrr.  We talked so much about him, but that never came up.  Next time I'll do that FIRST!
So, we went back inside, they made us a big breakfast, and we spent the next couple hours just giggling and joking around like i'd never been gone.  Felt like home.  I thought this would be a nice 3 or 4 day stay and visit, quiet, not many people around,  little vacation from chaos.... boy was I WRONG!!  wow.

Lunch was humorous, we had everything that she WAS going to bring to my place,  wasn't long before my cousin Matt, his wife Ann and his two munchkins showed up, they stayed til well after supper.  So the chaos and relaxation time was over about 2 am yesterday morning.  AH well. 
Thing is,  no anxiety or panic crept in at all.  Felt so comfortable there with everyone, didn't even give it a thought,, stress on the other hand was around, but that was alright.  Soon the days just ran together, and even now already having hard time remembering just what we had to eat day by day geez.  
Tonight we'd stay in Grandma and Grandpa's old room, after a 97 degree day, no air conditioning,  tonight was going to be a bit different than the frozen tundra of Greg Penniston and Jada's living room hehe.
I think when we got home i'd taken nearly 220 pictures,  quite a few were just being silly and really aren't too good, but a lot of em are nice.
And Grandma everytime she see's someone else come in, she asked if they knew I was coming,  after about 15 people I had to tell her about the Blog I write, and really , everyone in Wisconsin knew BUT her,  so she slugged me in the arm again.
All in all, was a fast day, lot of laughter and hugs and remembering old days.  But surprising her and seeing the glow was so worth it to me, and everyone else.
tomorrow starts a new day.
cya then,