Friday, August 17, 2012

Painting and more painting

Well, painting under way, house is revolting it feels like, we got crap everywhere,  took couple days of off and on painting the living room to get it done, wait to dry, see where I missed and do it again hehe.  We have a skylight in the living room, that was great joy to paint, standing on top of a regular sized ladder to reach all the way to the top, watching the clouds zip over head,  that was NOT fun, wow was I getting dizzy looking up in there, and not fond of heights.

But I survived lol.  Looks great, except the "fortune cookie" color that was supposed to be a tannish color looks more pink, but it's a nice change.  And the constant working on it, plus moving everything around doesn't leave much time for anxiety, and gets rid of the extra energy building up.

Puppy park at night, paint during the day, sidelined by constant children needing something or another.  Started working on the small bathroom, we have two.  And that dang room is proving to be a royal pain in the behind, must of been just primer previously, it's soaking up paint nonstop, that room is taking me forever, stress level going up up and up.

Still been having small bouts of anxiety popping in and out, don't know why, but seems each day since the farm visit i've had a little bit at some point, just can't seem to get comfortable here now, or maybe I haven't been at all.  Can't think about that.

And still fighting the ridiculous bathroom painting,  taking off the medicine cabinet painting behind that, just in case we change it later,  haven't touched the good sized closet in there, at this point it's staying freaking white!  ANYWAY....

Tuesday was Loki's final day of puppy school, and he got his diploma, it's on the wall now, cute.  We have to wait on next classes until after he has his surgery,  his testicles still haven't dropped, so the vet has to put him under and find the little suckers and remove them.  If they aren't removed good chance he'll develop cancer at a fairly young age since they are probably still in his stomach area.  Will be a nice chunk of cash for that I can't afford to spend, but it's my buddy, have to make sure he has a long life.

That'll take 2 weeks at least to recuperate, plus have to put those stupid cone things on his head so he doesn't lick the stitches.  I'm not looking forward to this.  We'll have to decide how far in obedience training we go, sounds like the further you go the more unique and fun they get.  Next step will be advanced adult training and K-9 good citizen training, which is an AKC recognized specialization that allows for further types of training as a therapy dog, service dog, or other types.

But, he's got some maturing to do, puppy park last night he tried getting into a rumble with a year and a half old shephard that seemed very nice, not sure why but he doesn't get along with those types at all.  And he needs to be able to get along with all types to do a lot of future training.

Far as for me, well, we made a trip out to Richard Bong State Park, just to take a look around, huge park over 4500 acres, nice place to fish, lots of trails, great camp sites all over, you name it they got it there.  But as we were making one last trip around, I started having some anxiety and it built up quite a bit, to the point I climbed in the back with Loki, which he loves anyway, he curles up on my lap and puts his head out the window, that calms me a great deal.  But I don't know why this crap is still coming around and seems to almost becoming more regular at times.

Time for a psychologist appointment again I belive, see if I can work out some issues that i'm not thinking about, or am and need a way to remedy it before it gets out of hand. I worry having to take medications all the time for this crap, and fear at some point I'll have to up dosage to keep up unless I can learn to control it, or get rid of the anxiety which it seemed to be on the way in doing.
Well for now, I have to just keep pushing, keep positive and pray for the best.

cya soon.