Monday, August 27, 2012

Catching up falling behind!

Misleading post title maybe?  Feeling great for past week.  Been so busy painting and redecorating and whatever else I can get myself into that I've fallen behind in my updates.  Sorry about that.

It's been really just the same old story for the last week,  dog park, dog walk, paint, pick on the kids etc etc.  Been trying to embed with the kids to quit leaving all their crap laying around and my new attempt to have kids untie their shoes before removing and the like. 

The two middle age kids are taking to it fairly well, because they love to use their 3ds game things hehe.   The oldest has learned that if he just hides his shoes it's easier I guess, which is almost a win for me because they are no longer just dropped wherever he feels like it,  on the couch, on top of the back of the couch, on chairs, tables, floor, wherever he is at the time, so one step forward.  The youngest girl of 5, well, not much for shoelaces yet, all velcro, but she must have 8 or 9 slippers, shoes or flipflops,  I know this because I give her the same foot attire daily 8 or 9 times because they are left, on the floor, on the couch, on chairs wherever lol.  Wonder where she's learning that?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

What a difference a day makes!

Well, 2 days ago I thought my anxiety world was turning it's ugly head.  But either mind over matter or maybe a bug going around causing some body issues triggering panic with me I don't know.

But today had a wonderful day,  couple long walks and play with the dog in the morning, started early prepping for a day of painting the 2nd bathroom, and everything was going great, and still is.  Don't recall having any issues at all today what so ever.

SPent a good 3 hours taping, patching, all the prepping crap, and then painting mostly all of the bathroom, and cleaning up my wonderful mess.  Will have to post some pictures after everything is done, if I remember to get before and after pictures, which I doubt I will.  But looking good, and great therapy except the fumes.  But it sure keeps your mind going in a positive direction, no time to think about anxiety.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Figuring out some issues

Going to skip over a few days to get right to the present time, because I've been having some bad flare ups of anxiety the last week.  Biggest thing I believe I can attribute to it, is I've been playing some computer games for quite a long time at night for past 4-5 days.  Today at home wasn't feeling great, needed to go to the hardware store for a part for a light fixture.  Wasn't comfortable going there, and was ready to scream in the store, couldn't get out of there fast enough.  I've been to this store already, just once but it was still not foreign to me.

But i'm really quite pissed off at this panic i'm feeling.  Or more so annoyed with letting it get to me, and probably causing it myself.  I know playing video games and sitting on my ass leads to issues with anxiety every time.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Painting and more painting

Well, painting under way, house is revolting it feels like, we got crap everywhere,  took couple days of off and on painting the living room to get it done, wait to dry, see where I missed and do it again hehe.  We have a skylight in the living room, that was great joy to paint, standing on top of a regular sized ladder to reach all the way to the top, watching the clouds zip over head,  that was NOT fun, wow was I getting dizzy looking up in there, and not fond of heights.

But I survived lol.  Looks great, except the "fortune cookie" color that was supposed to be a tannish color looks more pink, but it's a nice change.  And the constant working on it, plus moving everything around doesn't leave much time for anxiety, and gets rid of the extra energy building up.

Puppy park at night, paint during the day, sidelined by constant children needing something or another.  Started working on the small bathroom, we have two.  And that dang room is proving to be a royal pain in the behind, must of been just primer previously, it's soaking up paint nonstop, that room is taking me forever, stress level going up up and up.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Back to "normal" ?

Well, home again.  Already miss the farm,  but I know for a fact if the farm still had cows?  I doubt I'd be saying the same thing.  But, now to clean up the aftermath of short vacations with clothes and dog toys to find home for, and the closet I cleaned out after a short 21 year tenure.  Wow what a flashback to the 80's holy crap!!

Did find quite a few hidden treasures that were long forgotten, but that's not important to the world.  Not sure we even got a welcome back except from the kids,  all I heard was "we wondered when you were coming home, the grass needs to be cut".  Welcome home! 

It's Monday, need rest!!, spent the whole day just trying to organize the mess we brought back,  Loki was right back at home and right back to normal, not sure I was though.  Not much really happened besides back to the normal routine right off the bat,  constant knocking on our door, and being pulled away for constant,  "I can't find this, where is it at".   Wasn't my day to watch it response usually gets me a dirty look, but heck I didn't touch whatever you are looking for, why do we always have to know where everything is gee whiz hehe.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Final Day and heading home!

Last day on the farm, not sure if I'm ready to go back or not, but pretty sure other home would fall apart without Jeanne and I there,  grass will be 2 feet tall, hopefully someone fed the kids!!
Got up nice and early, beautiful almost chilly nights sleep, what a change from the heat,  did the morning Loki saying hello ritual to Grandma and Linda, then outside for a little walk and the potty dance, and chased a few grasshoppers around,  Loki's new favorite toy.

Another big breakfast and then Dad stopped up early,  I mentioned seeing some old pictures and talking about family, and family history, so I dug around in the attic and a couple other spots I still remembered Grandma usually kept keepsakes, and sure enough we spent probably the next 3 hours with our noses buried in family history.  What a joy that was, and pictures that were dating back to the 1860's of our family, Wow that was fun.  Spent so long at it almost forgot about lunch, which we dug into once again, then right back to a new "old" box of photos.  Going back to my dad's dad, dad, errr whatever that is hehe. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 5: People everywhere

Rain in the forecast today!!  Believe it when I see it, meteorologists can't seem to predict the weather if they are out in it.  Heat is still here, woke up feeling great but so humid.  Loki finally seems at ease here,  his potty schedule is back to normal, just in time to start thinking about heading back east and he'll be all nervous again, poor doggy.
After a big breakfast again,  Dad stopped by and we had another laugh session as per usual,  I think that's the best part of coming home, the practical jokes and laughter were never ending.  Too bad you can't bottle that and sell it, seems to be the best cure for what ails you.  You have to check your shoes for every trap possible.  Which I learned from Grandpa, which I'm sure he learned from his Grandpa, probably goes back to where our family begins, and the long line of practical jokes in this family,  it's just not safe at all, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  And nobody is out of the line of fire.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 4: So good to be home!

Day 4:  Dad and I were going fishing this morning!   Yeah right Jim stayed til 1:00 am, I found that out later, but had figured he would stay late and Dad would be in bed.  But of course this morning I awoke at 5:00 am and checked out the window to see if his truck was here, then back to bed, check at 6 no dad, check at 7 no dad hehe.   So, Loki and I went for a walk after saying good morning to the ladies of the house.
After another wonderful breakfast,  I think today was Linda's omelette, couldn't believe how good it was, best i've had.  I think so far just being home that all food just tastes better on the farm, kinda weird eh? 
Pretty uneventful morning just sat and chatted about whatever with Grandma and Linda and waited for Jeanne to begin her day,  *not a morning riser*  hehe.  Loki was finally getting over his anxiety a bit, takes him a while to get accostomed to a new place,  and he was beyond getting spoiled by Grandma now, he'd sit right by her at every meal, instead of me, quite funny,  Grandma just can't resist feeding others especially our furry companions.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Another hot nights sleep waking to a humid hot morning,  Dad and I keep mentioning going fishing early early in the morning, but I can't seem to climb out of bed til 6:30, but tonight after supper we were going to try and go, looking forward to it.

Weird thing, being 3rd day, i'm taking my regular medication as usual, but I've only had 2 little issues that weren't really even worth worrying about.  One at lunch yesterday, which I should mention I've been eating breakfast, lunch and supper with everyone,  at home I can't seem to eat with anyone else, have to be alone or with Jeanne.

So, much comfort level is way higher,  driving down through the pasture with dad, like the old days bouncing through the fields, I had a little issue, but it went away very quickly.  And that's the first time I've been riding in a vehicle without Jeanne in over 10 years,  didn't bother me a bit, hate to say it, but was even more comfortable,  except the bouncing all over, that's what caused a little blip of anxiety, not used to that, something new and not used to it.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Day 2 : surprising Grandma!

After a chilly nights sleep in sub zero arctic air-conditioning, we awoke after a pleasant 3 hour sleep.  Said good morning to Greg and Jada, felt good, tired but good, was really excited to surprise Grandma.
After a hour or so chatting, we decided it was time for Greg to go up and say good morning and set the surprise wheels in motion.  He was going to make sure Grandma was in her living room furthest from the front of the house, then I'd call on the cell phone after we walked up to the house from Greg's and let Aunt Linda or Greg know we were ready.
The call was made.  We sat on the benches in front of the house you can see from the kitchen windows.  The scheme was, a couple from out of town wanted to stop by and take a look at her barn quilt that was hanging on her garage.  It's one Jeanne and I had painted for her, looks great by the way.

Monday, August 6, 2012

The big trip!

Going to start this off with the day of the big trip to the farm.  Didn't sleep much at all Monday night, too excited and I was a nervous wreck the entire day Tuesday.  Had to constantly keep doing something I was a jitter bug all day.  Busied myself packing the car full of everything I could think of, and cleaning our house so we came home to nice clean place.
Loki knew something was up also, he can read how I feel, he wouldn't let me out of his sight all day long, followed me everywhere, little fella needs his sleep too young yet to not have his naps.  He was going to be GRUMPY,  and he has puppy class tonight!