Monday, August 13, 2012

Day 5: People everywhere

Rain in the forecast today!!  Believe it when I see it, meteorologists can't seem to predict the weather if they are out in it.  Heat is still here, woke up feeling great but so humid.  Loki finally seems at ease here,  his potty schedule is back to normal, just in time to start thinking about heading back east and he'll be all nervous again, poor doggy.
After a big breakfast again,  Dad stopped by and we had another laugh session as per usual,  I think that's the best part of coming home, the practical jokes and laughter were never ending.  Too bad you can't bottle that and sell it, seems to be the best cure for what ails you.  You have to check your shoes for every trap possible.  Which I learned from Grandpa, which I'm sure he learned from his Grandpa, probably goes back to where our family begins, and the long line of practical jokes in this family,  it's just not safe at all, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  And nobody is out of the line of fire.

Not to stray too far from my journey,  but one of the last and best images I had from Grandpa, and I believe the last time I saw him in person,  Jeanne and I were visiting 10 years ago,  wow.  And Grandma decided since I was here,  if I could get on the ladder in the kitchen and clean out the grubby light fixture,  well I can't turn her down,  so while i'm up fiddling with the light fixture I hear subtle laughter behind me,  well I better look, with Grandpa around you aren't safe hehe.  And sure enough he's holding a lighter and a firecracker giggling away.  And he'd light that sucker too, if Grandma wasn't watching, he's done it before!!  Miss that guy.
Continuing on hehe.  Nice lazy morning and a nice lunch,  Jeanne and I, Loki and the camera took a walk down the lane to the old pasture around the lumber mill and just kept walking and remembering,  hot as heck but sure felt great,  a lot has changed in the time I've been gone, but it still is home,  should of brought water Loki's but is dragging along, and so is Jeanne.  Weird not seeing cows around and since they now rent out the land, everything is planted where it used to be pasture, sure looks different.
Nice hour walk and back to the house for more giggling I guess.  Tonight we'd cook for the family,  shrimp scampi on the menu, and Greg was bringing some shrimp to cook for that.   But first a NAP!! everyone was gone, was peaceful, had been non stop go go go since we got here and constant people everywhere, was fun but stressful but no anxiety, and least nothing worth mentioning.  So we took a 2 hour nap in the quiet.
Awoke to still a quiet house,  Grandma and Linda went shopping so we'd get to just sit around and watch the olympics.  And snack on Grandma's yummy treats.
Supper time coming closer, Greg was off to the store, Grandma and Linda are back,  Matt and Ann and the kids arrived and once Greg got back cooking would start.   And the chaos once again was back!!!
Well, apparently we'd have between Greg and I,  our version of Iron Chef America together, but on the same dish in the same pan,  his version of shrimp scampi mixed in with mine, grumbling back and forth and elbowing each other out of the way,  was quite humerous, but the food turned out great,  brother in law Josh, his wife and child showed up while we were cooking also,  what a houseful of chaos for my brain to chew on.  But we ate and ate,  fruits and salads and shrimp, both cold and hot,  I was not losing weight on this trip.
Finaly peace and quiet again, even went up to bed early, gets stressful with so much going on, and tomorrow we'd be heading home at some point, was inevitable we'd really have to leave, but didn't want to.  And it actually did rain a whopping 2/10th of an inch today, but the temperature was awesome for sleeping.
cya tomorrow for the return back to Burlington.