Saturday, December 22, 2012

Deer stand 2 : Lance 0 , chapter two the hunt continues

Well, after the eventful deer stand climbing season ended for the day, and I walked back to the car, where this time Jeanne and Loki were waiting for me instead of Jeanne going to stand with me.  As it was normally, I was afraid to go anywhere or do anything without Jeanne or Loki or both, but since arriving at the farm?  Almost immediately I was doing and going by myself, driving around the farm, going down to Dad's place with Loki,  besides the tree stand I was feeling absolutely great.

But this day had ended, and we drove back to grandma's,  then chatted at Dad's for awhile, back to grandma's for more chatting then off to early bed, for tomorrow would be another early rise.  Laid out my clothes, with a little more precision than the day before,  and I noticed the alarm clock was set, however the clock seemed to be ever so slightly moving closer to Jeanne's side of the bed,  I wondered what could be happening here, although I knew already.  I'll be watching that closely here on out.  She's sneaky that way I tell you.

Anyway,  we awoke to the alarm clock, but she was quick to slap it and roll back in bed,  but I heard it enough to get up and get moving, and down stairs for food, Loki hot on my tail to say good morning,  and jumped up on Linda's lap on her chair to get her moving also.  About time I finished eating Jeanne come zombie like into the kitchen.  Shortly after we were off, her and Loki would take a nap in the car while I went off on my own into the great beyond,  well maybe 300 yards from the car near where I was the previous night on stand, where I couldn't handle the actual getting into stand,  anyway, this was on the other side of that timber on the east side.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Time to Start blogging again. The Hunt chapter one:

Alright, yeah I've been inconsistent with blogging, and lot of people have actually asked when I was going to start again,  so, here's to my public followers, and thank you for reading.

Ok, I left off I believe a good month ago, our big trip back to Argyle and my first time hunting since 1996, this really is a great year for me, first time fishing in about 12 years, first time hunting since "96".  Things really are moving forward, not FAST by all means, still have occasional issues, but damn, I'm going hunting.  If you ask Jeanne, was driving her nuts, I was SO excited to get going, was ready to leave a week before season opened.

Well time had come, and we took off, the 3 of us on our next journey, Loki as excited as I it seemed, he was a nervous wreck worse than I.  And once again, great trip had no problems riding in the car whatsoever,  but Grandma wasn't going to be home yet, she was still in hospital in Darlington after her second successful hip replacement, so after morning hunt on Saturday we'd go see her in the hospital, that'll be another step for me, another new place to visit, well not knew, but since my anxiety is slowly getting worked on, everything is new to me after so long in my mental prison, like learning to walk all over again.