Monday, November 25, 2013

I suppose I better bbbbblog for a bit

Gun season is here weeeee.  I look forward to the first hour of gun season and that's it.   Don't have enough deer the way it is, and so many people just kill and kill and kill.  The saying of "if it's brown it's down" just sucks I hate it.  Too many hunters see brown no matter what size the deer and just kill and kill.  Then wonder why we have no deer around anymore.  Idiots.

Well opening day I saw a lot of does and fawns and a couple small bucks, but don't need the meat really, only going to shoot a trophy buck, but at least I saw deer.  Sadly most the deer I saw are probably dead now.

But whew was it freezing cold as heck both Saturday and Sunday. Wow it was cold, then today we got 2.5 inches of the white stuff and still cold as heck out.  Only thing nice about that frigid temperature is not many guys are out and about that's for sure.  At least that will save some deer.   Hope the snow leaves soon, makes gun hunting way too easy for everyone to see the deer, track the deer etc etc.

Monday, November 18, 2013

The hunt continues with not much progress

Been a few days since I've posted.  Been so busy hunting and running around just haven't taken the time.  Soon as you get done hunting in the morning, time you get 14 layers of clothes off from trying to keep warm and dry, you are ready for a nap.  But then just when you wanna do that, you are hungry, make breakfast then you are really sleepy.  Sit down for a bit, relax food coma sets in, stand up to take a nap, then another hunter friend stops in to chat.  One friend leaves someone else stops by, pretty soon, it's lunch time.  Phones ringing, more people stop by.  next thing you know it's 3 o'clock and time to get ready for hunting again.

I tell you this hunting for food is work!!  The cavemen did indeed have it nice without having to worry about phone calls, and they probably just speared anyone that stopped by to say "hello" when it was nap time.  Then they had more food.   Hmmm.

Anyway,  hunting is still great fun, the deer stands are still tough at times,  a few of them seem to be great for my brain to handle, some not so much.  But having killed 2 deer already.  I'm pretty good on meat for the winter into spring, so the pressure is off on that, now I can just wait for a "real buck" been a long time, I want a big one. Gun hunting doesn't count that much in my book, too easy.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Getting easier to sit in tree stands!

Didn't even notice until today, but getting in stand and staying in the stands is getting easier and easier, feel much more comfortable.  So that's a huge upside,  downside is, can't get any good sized bucks to actually make an appearance at least close enough to shoot anyway, getting frustrated.  Dad and I saw all kinds of bucks running around this morning, 3 only had one antler , one side missing, we have some really crappy bucks around here.

I did see one that was an actual shooter but of course he was hot on a does butt, 150 yards away and wanted nothing to do with me, and that buck had a forky behind him, and then a button buck got on his tail.  pretty funny.   Saw a ton of big Turkey gobblers come by this morning also.  So we sat in the same spots tonight, figured they'd still be chasing that doe around in there tonight.  But we both blanked, not a darn thing moving anywhere.  What a boring night.

Went for a cruise around  Josh's hunting area with Jason the other night, and only saw 124 deer, and about 15 bucks 4 really nice ones.  *sigh*  wish we had that kind of deer around.  Couldn't even drive down the road, there was deer walking right down the road, crossing everywhere, laying five feet off the road, it was insane.  Haven't seen 124 deer since beginning of bow season around Argyle combined, maybe half that. Let alone ONE night of driving around.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Winter is here?

Nice seeing the white stuff falling for a little while, but go away hehe.  sure is pretty out though.  Fun on deer stand, you can see everything so much clearer and further.  But alas,  I didn't see a darn thing tonight.  Everyone else did that hunts with us saw a bunch, but not me what the heck.  And it was a frigid night on stand for sure.  My butt kept freezing to the seat on the stand.   Wind howling, looked like a great night after a storm moving through but not for me.

Anyway, last 4 days been up and down, have a good day then bad day , rinse repeat.  Today been great, but the deer stands been winning,  well I shouldn't say that.  right now we're even 2 to 2.  Made it through two nights without having to get out and relax on the ground for a bit, other two nights I was up and down several times, those nights of course would explain lack of seeing anything at all, not tonight, was real good.   This morning same.  But first night back I was a mess,  I was up and down 5 times and never did settle down.  Oh well, I'll keep fighting.

Stayed in the camper last 3 nights, however, tonight and at least tomorrow I'm going to chicken out, down to zero windchill and windy, the furnace works good, but propane isn't that cheap after awhile, so I'll just have to go inside for a couple nights then back out.  Just love it in that little camper.  Quiet, peace of mind, no phones ringing.  Peaceful.  Except the 20 mph winds shaking the thing all over.
Thought a couple random pictures were needed lol

OK, so roads were looking a little slick today, talked Jeanne into staying until tomorrow, she'll make the trek back to Burlington for a while, I'll stay here and keep trying to find my "good" buck.  Yeah I shot two little ones, but hey, I haven't shot a deer in 15 years, I'm entitled I think to thinning the herd a bit right?

I'm good on meat now, two deer will get me through winter and then some, so I don't really need another one, BUT  I really want to shoot a good buck, been too long.

Been and interesting year,  lots of ups and downs and breakthroughs.  No set backs worth even mentioning.  Can't wait for the next year to see what challenges I can tackle.

Anyway,  mostly just been hunting and pushing myself more than I should probably, but nothing ventured nothing gained.

See you tomorrow.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Back to Argyle,,,,,,again

At least the gas prices dropped!!!  $3.07 in Burlington!!  Was $3.09 earlier, maybe dropping more? we can hope so.  But after only a few days back in B-town, yes original home of Tony Romo, go Packers.  We're heading back to Argyle for more hunting.  Not sure why exactly, I got 2 deer, don't need another, can't afford to have another cut up anyway geez.  But I love just being out in the woods, so long not being able to, just can't get enough of it.

In the meantime, back in Burlington,  been hunting every morning and night, even went out for a hour or so during noontime.  And yep, saw bucks then too.  Love the RUT!  Called in 2 bucks today at 11:00 am.  One small forky and a year and a half ten pointer.  They shall live on.

But the highlight of the week was definitely Tuesday night hunting.  I had moved my trail camera the day before, and had found an OK tree to climb up in about 14 feet or so, that was right on a nice trail.  And the trail cam had said, yep good spot buddy,  one nice buck several small ones and a few does just in a few hours after I set it up there.

That said, I set out for the nights hunt, really looking forward to it,  had my deer scent on, back pack full of essentials, bow in hand, ready for one of those monsters I know lurk nearby, and really want one of those so badly, just don't see those often around Argyle.  And I have at least 3 that are 3 of the biggest I've ever seen.

So, tree steps screwed in one by one, slowly I climb to the next tree step to screw in, get the 5th one in the tree, carefully set my bow on one of the limbs.  Then I grabbed on to the top tree step, my foot sturdily.... well I thought sturdy,  started to pull myself up, and I hear a "pop" and next thing I know I dropped about 10 feet and was on the ground before I had a clue what was going on, all I knew was I had some pains that I didn't 2 seconds ago.  All I knew at that moment was I wasn't in the tree any longer.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Too MUCH CORN!!!! Some will understand!

Well, it was time to head back to see my "other" family for a while, needed a break was wearing myself out constant going going "hunting"  I know it seems like it's just playing around, but dang I was getting pooped out, and stressed from constant bombardment of people everywhere you turned, kids yelling and kicking, dogs running crazy. Chaos.  Sleep in the camper, retreat to the camper, helped a lot.  But now back in Burlington for a few days, I MISS MY CAMPER!!

Fresh air and cool weather, even the bed was great, I see why those things are loved by so many, home away from home I tell you!

But it was time to get back for a few apparently sleepless nights, I slept maybe 2 hours all night, and what I did manage in sleep was constant very odd dreams. I think I may have missed some regularly scheduled meds I should have taken?  Don't feel sick, so that's what I'm going to have to go with.

Was nice getting greeted by my baby Thor after 10 days away from my little buddy.  You would think I was gone for a year the way I was greeted, he nearly bent himself in half wiggling his way to me, then I was mauled with a face lapping and whining for 15 minutes.  Brings a smile to your heart.  Never know he'd got his "boy parts" taken from him 11 days before, never changed a bit, but I still feel bad for him.

On a different note, after seeing such huge bucks around Argyle.  And so many deer running everywhere I just had to get away to smaller bucks and less deer.. ...... ..  Ok Ok.. sarcasm filter didn't catch that one.  Can't believe how little deer we have and the DNR says kill em all there is thousands!!!  Well our game cameras tell a different story!  But we do have 200 acres of standing corn for them to hide in.  Would be seeing more without that still up. But it will save the deer and give them places to hide on our farm.But Burlington.... this is another reason I "needed" and "wanted" to come back for a little.
 No not this one, the time on clock didn't change for daylights saving time.  I was checking my camera in hopes of getting a picture of the guy below this.  But there was deer out feeding, so I just pulled my camera out quick and didn't spook the deer.
 Now, THIS is a deer, I've seen him and his 2 buddies several times, but never close enough to get a shot.  In case you are wondering?  Yeah that is a big son of a buck. And one of his buddies is bigger, one just a tad smaller.
And of course one of our nuisance neighbors, there is a ton of coyotes around here.

Friday, November 1, 2013

It's blogging time!

Well, been busy last few days for sure, weather not cooperating to say the least, rainy, windy, crappy. unusually warm, then unusually cold?  Welcome to Wisconsin right?

Loki and I been staying in the pop up camper every night for last 8 days rain or shine, cold or warm, and I usually sleep like a baby in there, not sure if it's fresh air that is helping or peace and quiet, or all the above, whatever the medicine it's providing is well worth the chilly nights.

I drug myself out of bed for another early morning hunt a couple days ago, and wind was blowing, light rain falling and really really foggy out, could say maybe 50 yards, that actually continued until about 4 pm in the afternoon.  But this morning I was dragging my butt big time, but I just knew it would be a good morning to be out in the woods, however I did not feel like walking too awful far and with yet another east window my options were limited anyway.  My brain needed a break from treestands so I set out for the woods right next to my dad's house.  maybe a hundred or so yard walk to where I usually set up my burlap ground blind.

As the early daylight finally set in from the East, the birds started chirping, mostly the annoying blue jays, but that can be a good sign deer are moving.  Our friendly female cat that sticks by the house also apparently thought it was a good morning to go out hunting as I heard a slight rustle in the weeds behind me, I slowly turned to see the cat zoom by me 2 feet away and scared the crap out of me.  Well, ok I'm awake now, thank you very very much.  Now the world was alive, I knew I was, and  every chipmunk, squirrel and bird was having a good old party.