Monday, December 2, 2013

Nice to be Back in Burlington!

Well, didn't feel like blogging much for last 4-5 days, thanks to my Dad, we had a really nasty cold since last Tuesday, so the Thanksgiving holidays basically sucked, hunting was out of the picture as well as just trying to get off the couch to pee.  Couldn't hardly taste any of Grandma's thanksgiving meal.  And we left for Burlington on Friday morning, which I slept through most of the trip home. 

I am in charge of the turkey for the Burlington clan,  even though I felt crappy yet, we're still fielding calls on how wonderful the turkey was hehe.

So anyway, today starting to feel better I guess, light cough yet, and weak as heck,  Jeanne still going through the same crap, but she doesn't sound as bad as I did, so maybe she got lucky and didn't get the full force of it.  The bad thing also is, we gave it to Grandma Eva, which really sucks, I hate to see her get any kind of illness.  Not that I want anyone else to get this nasty cold from us, but sharing is better than giving right???

But, Thor and I are back in the big town.  Since mid-September, I don't think I've spent more than a week total here.  Really is nice to get back for awhile.  Dad and I needed a break I think.  We're too much alike in a lot of ways, and as well as we get along these days, it's almost like Siamese twins after awhile, and you just need to separate somehow.