Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Final Day and heading home!

Last day on the farm, not sure if I'm ready to go back or not, but pretty sure other home would fall apart without Jeanne and I there,  grass will be 2 feet tall, hopefully someone fed the kids!!
Got up nice and early, beautiful almost chilly nights sleep, what a change from the heat,  did the morning Loki saying hello ritual to Grandma and Linda, then outside for a little walk and the potty dance, and chased a few grasshoppers around,  Loki's new favorite toy.

Another big breakfast and then Dad stopped up early,  I mentioned seeing some old pictures and talking about family, and family history, so I dug around in the attic and a couple other spots I still remembered Grandma usually kept keepsakes, and sure enough we spent probably the next 3 hours with our noses buried in family history.  What a joy that was, and pictures that were dating back to the 1860's of our family, Wow that was fun.  Spent so long at it almost forgot about lunch, which we dug into once again, then right back to a new "old" box of photos.  Going back to my dad's dad, dad, errr whatever that is hehe. 

Really fascinating seeing your heritage and the amazing likeness to them and I that far back.   We continued to look at photos, but then the onslaught of people once again arrived.  Great Aunt Dorothy and her husband Lloyd, who turned 70 and was having a surprise birthday thrown from him today, Dorothy's daughter and her husband.  They stayed a while, I was trying to pack slowly and get things stowed away in the car,  we were planning on getting on the way about 1 pm,  which has passed already going on 2pm. 

But the packing is done,  Lloyd and Dorothy just left, we were saying the good byes to Grandma and Linda, then down to my Dad's to say goodbye to Jada and Dad,  and on out the door we were going, and here pulls in my old friend Jeremy Hagen and wife Chelli and their 2 children, what a surprise!!  I was going to stop and see them on the way home, we go right by their place.  But this will work.
However, it seems like the farm isn't going to let me go home anytime soon.

After a short chat, we told them we'd stop on the way home so we could see his new home he had built on the lot I had helped him buy about 12 years ago, after we stopped by Dad's.  And away they went,  and after almost tearful goodbye to Grandma and Linda, we made the 2 minute drive down the lane to dads without any interruptions surprisingly.

At this point I was afraid to even sit down and relax at dad's, I really didn't know if we truly would get home today, so we kind of said a few quick good byes in hopes we'd get together soon,  thanked them for such a wonderful time and great food as usual, and for Jada putting up with us :).

And off we went to Argyle,  almost felt luck ducking down in the seat so as to not see anyone else we had to stop to see, no offense, I'm tired and wanna go home!  But we cleared the booming metropolis of Argyle and it's 800 plus population in no time, and made it Jeremy's place shortly after.

Was nice to see it, they have done wonderful things to their home, very nicely done, have 2 great, smart and polite children, and had a great long chat about whatever came up under the sun, including his new technique to gardening i'm going to give a try next spring!  I'm sure we'll see them again soon, maybe for a packer party at our place.

And off on the road again,  was having no trouble at all today,  even remembered at this point I didn't even take my medication like I usually do at this  time of day, hmmm.  By the time we hit Monroe from Jeremy's place all of 5 minutes,, Loki was zonked out in the backseat, completely wiped out and knew we were going home,  don't know how he knows it, but you could tell, he was completely calm and so tired.

He slept the entire way home,, well except the Mcdonald's stop in Brodhead, he had to help me with a few french fries on the way,  but 10 minutes later he was out cold, and that was last we heard of him.  The whole trip home, was peaceful and seemed fast, and it's 2 hour drive,  Loki barely lifted an eyelid as we parked in the driveway, had to carry him out of the car,  he then drug me to the potty area, did his poop and pee, ran back to the house, crashed on the floor and was out for another 3 hours, we had a tired little boy that was very happy to be back home.

What a great trip,  with no problems.  Felt like a new world was opened to me, If I can make it that far without issues, what else can I do,  still have trouble being alone too long, so options are somewhat limited in that respect.  But that's getting better.

We'll see what tomorrow brings!!
Cya soon.!