Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The hunt continues!

And I must say it isn't going well.  But I am getting worn out quick.  Thing is, trying to hunt only out of tree stands, and it's really rough on me, I can relax to a point, as long as I can hang on to something but that makes it hard to shoot, I don't know if it's just fear or it's something to do with my medication also? I just don't know, but some of the stands just aren't easy to sit in.  But it's really wearing me out, it's constant adrenaline pushing through me the entire stand time no matter what, let alone when a deer starts to come him, your heart starts pounding a bit more on top of everything else.

No matter how little or big a deer is, when they come in, the excitement or more so the enjoyment of seeing them coming in so close is always there, why it's so much fun.  And work.  But having to stay so still, and move so slow and quiet, that wears on you with your adrenaline pushing through.  I'm about all in by the time I get done with hunting each time, takes me a while to calm down when I get back home.

Then Dr. Lance G hits a huge body nice buck, with his stone tipped arrow, so we have to miss the Packer game to help him trail his buck over by Brodhead,  got to bed at 2 am. that hurt, didn't hunt that morning hehe.  But was so nice to help Lance find his great buck!  That's the only thing I'd miss watching a packer game for!

But it's been non stop goin going gone.  Dragging deer out, getting up early, going to bed late, and now time change is coming up soon, which will screw us up more and more.  Get up at 4 am yuck.  And this week we'll have 5 or 6 more people staying at Dad's so it's going to be a madhouse non stop, and other friend hunters stopping in, no rest for the weary I guess.  Feel like the walking dead, I guess I'm glad it's not in the Rockies going up and down those hills!
But enough about me!! How are you?


BLeh, I gotta think about where to stand in the morning, and of course I have to plan ahead, depending on what the stand is like, I hate sitting on the ground, but have to gear my brain up to be able to sit in the tree stands, never fails, I start hyperventilating and it isn't fun, but I'm not going to get over it unless I keep pushing and doing it.

Just wish some of the corn would get cut on the farm, the family that rents the land just hasn't got to it yet, and with the deer running around with the breeding season going, you just can't see them with all the corn up yet, and they stay in there and hide for so long, it's frustrating.  It does keep the deer safe from others and keeps them on our land, but for hunting it isn't the best.

ANYWAY lol.  With have my step brother and his girlfriend and kid here, Alex my cousin will be here, Kurt my demented older cousin will be here, eventually Jeanne will make an appearance with my beloved and missed puppy,  I'm sure Amber and her bunch will be around,  Roger Besand will make an appearance for his morning drink or three,  Hoping Lance G comes over for a few days. but all and all it's gonna be a madhouse.

You'll find me cowering in my pop up camper I'm sure, have to put up some hard walls in there so I can put up some deer mounts!  I've stayed in that thing for at least the past week, I just sleep like a rock in there, and sadly it's going to be warm this week, which means the deer won't be moving too good until it's dark out again.

That's about all I have right now, just a lot of hunting going on, and general chaos as normal, hopefully more to report soon.

Thanks for reading again.