Saturday, October 12, 2013

Wow, talk about anxiety!

If my 7 month old pup Thor could understand English, and knew he was about to have his nuts taken from him, I'm sure he'd feel like I do while I'm up in a tree.  Really don't want to have him nutted,  but Loki is doing great since his were done no change to his personality or anything else at all. So I guess.  *sigh*.

On subject of anxiety, well I guess that's what the blog is called after all, but holy cow did I have a rough time in deer stand the other night.  First off getting into the tree, it doesn't have a stand, it's an old huge tree that is dead and most the branches have fallen and broken off and are laying down in every direction somewhat attached to the main tree trunk yet, which is about 13-15 feet tall.  But to get into the spot where you sit and wait for the wily deer, you have to crawl up one of the old branches that is kind of hanging on yet.

Well I got about 8 feet off the ground and there is no bark left on the branch so it's a tad slippery, and of course footing slipped and down I went chins first scraping all the way with the battle wounds to show for it along with bruises.  Off to a great start to the nights hunt. That got my heart pounding nicely, didn't scare me, didn't work me up, but I guess adrenaline was rushing through just enough, I made it into the stand finally anyway.  But it wasn't long and the old nerves come knocking at my door pretty quickly.   Never seen one of my "episodes", so I tried to record myself with my camera, of course had to whisper, no clue if it turned out, but wanted to see if it would help me get my mind off my "issues"..   Didn't work.

So, the night was a wash for me, but didn't want to give up and dive out of the stand, but I was hyperventilating so bad I got dizzy, so basically I was hanging on to the tree most the night with a death grip.  Of course I saw no deer, as per usual if they saw me, probably wondered what the heck was wrong with that odd looking raccoon.

But, once again I survived to hunt another day, but the next few nights would be on the ground again, I don't like it, but that's all I have right now, and it's still better than the alternative of not being well enough to not go out at all.

And that thing was growing next to me on the tree, maybe something to do with it!!
Anyway, life goes on, and the hunt goes on.  Rattled in the same buck I rattled in a few nights ago, I couldn't hardly get my rattling toys put down he came running in so fast, but I decided as he stood there 10 yards away, that I could wait a couple weeks before I shot at the little fella, it wasn't even that tempting, exciting but not enough to draw back on him,  I reached for my camera right away.

And got an absolutely horrible picture of him LOL.  On my camera it isn't bad, but it doesn't show up for crap on here. Sorry. but he's maybe 30 yards away there, but I was in a hurry and it didn't focus.  So much fun to be out and about and seeing deer, not enough deer, and especially nothing big at ALL.  but deer nonetheless, out of 20 nights hunting or so, only blanked twice, I'll take that any time.

So, anyway, still sleeping in the camper, love it, took a nap in there today, all the canvas unzipped was awesome.  But then I see a big old camper for sale up towards Blanchardville I want that one now!! Could live in that on the farm no problem, better than being stuck in my little room when I'm over here.

Took a few pictures of Yellowstone Lake while we were out enjoying a beautiful weekend day and another Wisconsin Badger win.

And then we went hunting tonight, saw a huge doe and her fawn, but didn't cooperate with Dad and I who sat in one of our ground blinds together.  Good times.

And that's it for today.