Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thor made it through!! But he's 5 pounds lighter!

Well, Thor made it through his "procedure" but due to the loss of his manhood he's a good 5 pounds lighter I swear, he "was" a well built pup.  Poor little guy, I was so sick to my stomach all day, then seeing the whining drunk puppy staring at me through the cage didn't help me any.  And apparently he wasn't any too happy with the two ladies at the vets office, he wouldn't let them anywhere near him. But the vet who did the surgery he had no trouble with, go figure.

Anyway, heart kind of sinks as I led him out of the vet's office as he staggered around like a drunkard, then he kept forgetting what he was doing when he had to go potty.  Lift his leg and just stand there dopey eyed.  Then of course he wanted to jump up in the truck, didn't really want him to do that, but think he'd listen?  Nope.  Whining off and on all night, would hardly sleep, just laid in secure spots and stared blankly off into space. Could hardly get a tail wag out of the little guy.

Loki was even bringing his prized toys and dropping them right by Thor off and on all night.  "here buddy, this will help, they did this to me also".

The next morning however,  GAME ON! He was raring to go and back to normal trouble causing little turd. Wanted to run all over jumping and playing like mad, me chasing him trying to get the little guy to calm down and not rip out his stitches.  Had to send him back to Burlington with Jeanne in hopes of him calming down without Loki and I to play with for a few days.

Apparently that's not going so well either hehe.  He's not used to being away from me at all. And misses Loki quite a bit also when they are apart.

OK, the whitetail deer breeding season is definitely coming on strong now, be careful on the roads day and night, mostly night yet, but they are moving at all times. Lot of car versus deer accidents going on.

I finally got my chance at a nice doe last night also, and messed it up. I had a nice close shot from my ground blind and hit at least one little branch before sticking the deer right in the butt, *sigh* at least she won't be in too much discomfort very long, I looked a long time for her, and she's doing just fine, barely bled at all and it's just muscle where I hit her, they heal fast, wish I healed that fast.

This morning I was sitting at the same stand, and I hear the leaves rustling a bit, was just twilight and I am squinting to see what the heck was coming, It's so thick with brush where I was, I couldn't see anything, until...... what the heck??  Possum?  Raccoon?  No, it was too low to the ground but absolutely huge, a gosh darned BADGER??!!!  He turned to look at me from about 15 feet away and I was absolutely shocked, tried to get my camera, but he charged and ate it.  Nah not really, but by the time I got my camera out he was scurrying into the bushes.  Did find his "lair" though, doubt it will be the last time I see that wily critter.

So, now it's morning and night hunting non-stop until end of season, and after one day of this, and a poor nights sleep, I'm second guessing this adventure.  Of course I trailed my deer for a couple hours, then another hour later after that,  moved a tree stand, etc etc.  Tried to take a nap, but apparently the phone gods can't figure out when it's NAP time.  5 calls within 15 minutes as soon as I laid down.  Well the heck with that.

So, I guess I'll just put up a few trail camera pictures and call it a day?

Oh wait!!  Happy to say I've gotten two more requests because of this blog for some anxiety help.  Well not anxiety help, apparently they have enough of their own, but help getting rid of it, or at least how to cope with it.  Very happy!!

Ok, few pictures then... well who knows.

And I shall see you later!