Friday, October 4, 2013

Amber whined so, new blog post!

Sometimes I hate this laptop.  Had a whole blog written last night and accidentally hit the touch pad which apparently and occasionally highlights the entire post and deletes everything, oh well, shall try this again.

Anyway, I recall talking about hunting again, but I'll shorten it up some.  Been going out almost every night, just makes me feel so good to BE ABLE to go out on my own and do it.   Last night didn't work out the greatest, didn't see much of anything but turkeys and as I usually don't even take my medication with me hunting anymore, I was glad I did last night, was feeling like crap, wasn't even up in a tree, and just wasn't feeling good at all.  Oh well I survived.

However, I have two teeth giving out on me, that kept me up until 4 am this morning, and that makes life just so wonderful.  Could not get to sleep, I gave up and had a drink which knocked me out in about 30 minutes, I didn't want to, I want to completely give up any taste of the booze but I like the stuff, but it does not mix with me well anymore, it sets off anxiety, and with any meds in my system It is really not healthy.  Apparently I have an addictive personality, no I don't mean others can't do without me, we know that isn't true, I just tend to get addicted to, well tobacco and liquor.  I even completely taped up the entire bottle of booze with duct tape to ward off some of the spur of the moment temptations.  Well it worked for a bit.  But darnit didn't work long.  Booze just seems to suck life out of you, makes you not give a crap, saps your energy to get up and go, sure curbs the creative thinking.  I could go on and on, but that's my perspective.  Going without touching it for over a year, my eyes were opened a great deal how much you can accomplish without it.

Sadly I figured out I wouldn't die taking a drink while also on my medications, it may shorten it, which scares me, but apparently not enough.  Do I need help?  Well not professional, just a nudge to stop when I get the urge.

I had so many good things typed last night, trying to remember it now, *grumble*.   Ok live in the present and write what I think about now? Ok.....

Money!  Another stress causer,  not enough coming in, more and more going out, I love going to Argyle, to see the family, friends, etc etc,  Just getting more expensive to do it, can't go in a store anymore and walk out with two bags of groceries without spending at least 50 bucks.   So much I want to do, but medical bills, cell phone, prescriptions, truck insurance, well you guys know the lists, probably have similar things, all of which you need, hard to get ahead.

Going to need tires and rear rotors for the truck, part of why I got it so dirt cheap really,  Thor has to get his nuts chopped soon,  have a laundry list and none of it cheap, and all needs to be done before that white stuff falls on us.  Life is great!

The only good thing about all this crap?  I'm actually living life again, I'm out of my cave in public doing the things I love to a degree that's right now is very acceptable for me. It's better than what I had, and only going to get better.  So, I guess whining about money, bills and making ends meet, I am actually back for the most part in real life, not living a horrible nightmare.  But it's out of the fire and into the frying pan.

Weird change of subjects.  Found a puffball mushroom the other day while out hunting, snatched it up, took it home cooked it and yummy.  Been a long time since I've seen one out in the while, granted I haven't been out much until the last year, but was really surprised, hadn't seen any until now.  Then tonight, since I'm back in Argyle for a while,  was checking the trail cameras, and I must of saw over 50 puffballs, and not little ones, several were larger than a basketball.  Well for me it was neat.  Going to grab a couple and try out a few recipes with them.  Heck one might do.

Let's see,  Dad will be on his way home from Canada "eh" tonight?  I think, probably home late or tomorrow, see if they let him back across the border, my call to the border patrol warning of his impending return, we'll see. Full cavity search is possible I'd assume.

And if anyone sees my Grandmother, tell her to stop buying any cups, glasses, mugs or any other sort of drinking device for my dad, he must have, no lie, over 200 in the cabinets here, double stacked and shoved in, I get back here today and see two more she must of snagged up at her beloved garage sales.  I lovingly mentioned to her tonight if she brings anymore I'm going to use them for skeet shooting practice.  We both laughed, I think.  I did anyway :)

I think next blog I do, it will be maybe 20 or so pictures with some short captions just for a change of pace, I know a lot of people have mentioned how nice it is to have pictures to go with the never ending ramblings of a mad man.

Ok, next topic, fruit of the loom underwear!!!

Nah, just kidding, I'm going to bed.

See you tomorrow.