Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tornado! Nah not really

OK, what's new?  I tell you what, for once not a heck of a lot.  I know Amber will be disappointed
but I'll just have to ramble through this one and hope for the best!

Had my Doctor appointment after 6 months away from the shrink.  Was actually good to get back and talk with him, the last 6 months have been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs and new and different stresses.  I guess first off, can tell that I have been drinking occasionally,  blood pressure was "way up" from 6 months ago.  110/72  which is still very very good, and pulse rate 72 which is down for me, mine tends to run higher than I like, but still under the "average".

My weight is growing nicely.  I say that with a smirk, because 194 is NOT where I want to be that's about 12 unwanted and unneeded and unloved poundage that I just hate having hehe.  Well Doctor said, it's been quite a joy really seeing how far I've come since I first started seeing him.  And reminded me any "new" stresses introduced will probably risk a trigger of some panic attacks, meaning any new things I try to do, and to try to keep to a normal schedule, especially sleeping and eating, and lay off the booze!!! Well he said I could have one now and then, but that Jeanne was supposed to call him if I start to tip the glass too often.  And I agreed that she should tattle on me if I abused the stuff.

But reminding me of normal sleep patterns and the like, was a reminder to myself that I can't push beyond my means until I can handle it, and I keep having reminders when I go to far.  Wisconsin Dells, I had a bad one up there, due to drinking,  car trouble,  doing a ton of things I'm not used to, added a lot of stress, and finally built up.

Deer hunting, when I had a bad panic attack while in a tree, which is never good for sure, but there was added stress building up to that as well, but mainly just being up in that tree wasn't where I should be.  Doc also kind of reminded me, it took 10 years of my life to build up a lot of issues in my nerves in my brain that were out of line due to all the panic, and it very well could take all of that time again to get back to where I was.

So, for me it'll be in bed no later than midnight, preferably 10 pm is better anymore, I like getting up by 6 am no later. So quiet and peaceful.  And soon will be up that early and earlier to get out to bow stand for the upcoming rut.  But at least if I hunt from ground blinds, there will be no new stress in my life over the next month or so.  Just stick to what the Doctor says and sleep is vital to keep on what I have been doing over the last year and a half.  Too much change to what he says is the correct course, and I may end up seeing him again a lot more often, he's a great guy and all, but every 6 months is just fine with me.

But another added stress coming up soon, and that's getting Thor "fixed", hate seeing my dogs go through that.  But I think it's for the best, especially having 2 male dogs, will be less marking, less aggressiveness towards each other, maybe less odd humping of each other, geez.   But that will be another couple hundred bucks out the door.  Need 4 new tires, actually 5 counting a new spare for our Durango, that's going to be,  well not sure, but a helluva lot, probably 750 bucks or so with alignment.  And then I still need the new rotors in the rear end too.  I can't afford this crap anymore, and it keeps coming at me.  That stuff brings a lot of stress and then I want to have a drink.

Still have to fix up our travel trailer before spring, Not sure how I'll have the funds to do that until spring.  Oh well, I know I'm not alone with the stress of money or lack there of in this interesting world.  Maybe with government shut down, all the bills will stop during it right?

Yeah right.

See ya later.