Sunday, October 27, 2013

Revenge on one deer!

The deer hunt continues, and they are moving around, but so much corn yet, they mostly aren't coming out til after dark. But a couple nights ago, I no longer got into stand and here comes a little buck, tiny one, spike on one side and forked points on the other, nice size deer, but just not what I want, at least not right at this moment.

Well he fed through and back into the corn he went 20 yards away and slipped out of sight. And I'm finally braving sitting up in the deer stands, I'm not comfortable but I'm making It through the day and night stands  without having to get out for a while so I can breathe again.  But anyway, another 15 minutes passed and here comes another buck, and he's a MONSTER!!  Nice body deer, but little spikes on the little guy, I videoed him for 6 minutes, and I kept grunting him back in and again right under my stand, it was not yet his time to end up in the freezer.

While the little buck still looking for the grunt origin, here comes a big doe from the other direction, and I'm turned the wrong way to shoot her and I want here badly!  She was clueless coming in, had no idea I was there, but I had to turn around completely to shoot her, and while turning as quiet as I can, my boot clipped part of the stand and clanged, and off she went, and I was NOT happy to say the least, would of been a 10 yard easy shot.

So my frustrations just turned to that poor little buck that was still around and looking for whatever was grunting at him, and I let out another series of grunts, and here he comes again, just to my east 7 yards, as I drew back my Longbow he came into a perfect shooting lane,  I decided it's time for some meat and let fly, the arrow struck true, easily a lung hit, as he crashed through the brush to the east.

And there is the little guy, needed meat. Been 15 years since I've bowhunted, mostly because of my panic issues I just could not go at all.  So, I'm actually very happy I'm blessed to harvest this little guy and put his sacrifice to good use.  I always feel bad shooting them, I really do, but that's a lot of food!

And now, we shall see my Father getting rid of his morning Tea while I tag and take care of my deer so we can move him and take him to register. 

And of course the old ritual, paying homage to the life of the buck by laying his "manly parts" on a tree limb.  I'm sure a lot of people aren't going to like that image, but hey, it's been going on for so many years it's habit.

So anyway,  Jason got a beauty of a buck the same night, and my Dad also shot a huge doe the same night. So we had 3 blood trails to track, it made it one heck of a long night, didn't eat until 11:30 we didn't even go hunting the next morning, too tired.  Well that's mostly true, I went out at 7:00 am to go find my deer, we didn't find it that night, I easily found it the next morning. 

But it's back to hunting again right away, more food needed. And getting into and staying in stands is slowly getting easier and more fun, can see so much further, can't be smelled by the deer as easy and seen as easy as well.  Makes it so much fun.  Just happy it's starting to work out better.

Ok, anyway, short update on how things are going and off to the woods!!