Friday, November 1, 2013

It's blogging time!

Well, been busy last few days for sure, weather not cooperating to say the least, rainy, windy, crappy. unusually warm, then unusually cold?  Welcome to Wisconsin right?

Loki and I been staying in the pop up camper every night for last 8 days rain or shine, cold or warm, and I usually sleep like a baby in there, not sure if it's fresh air that is helping or peace and quiet, or all the above, whatever the medicine it's providing is well worth the chilly nights.

I drug myself out of bed for another early morning hunt a couple days ago, and wind was blowing, light rain falling and really really foggy out, could say maybe 50 yards, that actually continued until about 4 pm in the afternoon.  But this morning I was dragging my butt big time, but I just knew it would be a good morning to be out in the woods, however I did not feel like walking too awful far and with yet another east window my options were limited anyway.  My brain needed a break from treestands so I set out for the woods right next to my dad's house.  maybe a hundred or so yard walk to where I usually set up my burlap ground blind.

As the early daylight finally set in from the East, the birds started chirping, mostly the annoying blue jays, but that can be a good sign deer are moving.  Our friendly female cat that sticks by the house also apparently thought it was a good morning to go out hunting as I heard a slight rustle in the weeds behind me, I slowly turned to see the cat zoom by me 2 feet away and scared the crap out of me.  Well, ok I'm awake now, thank you very very much.  Now the world was alive, I knew I was, and  every chipmunk, squirrel and bird was having a good old party.

But, still the fog was really bad,  I could see far enough to shoot a deer for sure, but it was going to be coming out of the dense fog and be on top of me in know time at all.  And sure enough at 10 minutes after 8 in this beautiful rainy crappy morning, that's what happened,  except it wasn't 50 yards, was more like 30 and coming right at me.  I slowly grabbed my bow, I could see it was a buck, but it was barely one, it was a fork on one side and the right side horn was coming out of nearly his forehead sticking straight out.  We've seen this buck on at least 4 different stands all over our land, and today, well it was going to be the last one he got to visit.

The little buck came up to me in my ground blind no more than 10 feet away, as I thought about whether or not it was worth shooting this little fella.  But all said and done, it's been 15 years since I've been archery hunting, I'm going to get some more meat in the freezer, and catch up for 15 years of lost time.

The buck turned and went to my left.  Five yards to my left is a well worn trail they apparently love to use, so I drew back my old Longbow and waited as he slowly made the turn onto the trail, and let fly with my arrow that struck true behind the shoulder,  the buck jumped straight up in the air, his hooves were at least 5 feet up in the air and he spun 180 degrees and took off on his final run.

He didn't make it 70 yards and my morning was quickly over with.  And the fun part of dragging him up the hill, was near in my future and dreading every second of it.  Twenty minutes later and huffing and puffing, got it to where I could bring down one of our tractors and finish the drag out hehe.  After gutting him I brought down the old Allis Chalmers hooked him up and away we went.  Probably quite a sight to see actually,  A camouflaged guy on a tractor holding his long bow and sitting on a pile of camo burlap dragging a deer.  And of course my Dad drove in just as I was pulling him up the driveway to wash him out with cold water, and I did get a big smile, even if it was a confused one.

So, that's it for that hunt.  Most days I've felt very good, still have issues in the tree stands at times, some more than others.  Did have one day, a couple of days ago, I felt the best I've felt in 12 years.  I don't know why, I hope to replicate it, so far no luck, but for some reason everything was right in my life and felt perfect.

Unlike today I feel like crap.  I did manage to go out hunting, but shouldn't of bothered, had a rough time sitting in stand, to the point I decided to leave early, and apparently wasn't early enough.  I got about half way back to the house, and UHOH,  I have to poop realllllly badly.  I hurried my steps a bit and well, nope not gonna make it.

Have to change this a bit, we use grunt calls to call in male deer (bucks) during the breeding season which is now.  And a lot of times successfully.  Well when I dropped down to well,,,, get rid of last nights meal, I did a bit of grunting,  and apparently THIS type of grunting along with a less than pleasant odor sent a spike buck that must of been bedded down in the cornfield near me running for higher lands to the east as fast as he could go.   So.. here I am, pants around my ankles, standing up with my binoculars watching this buck running away and I'm laughing.  

I thank god that I was alone out there, that could of been interesting, let's hope google maps wasn't doing an update today shall we?????

More to follow.

thanks for reading.