Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Poor Thor!

My poor little puppy went in to the vet today to get his manhood chopped off.  Almost eight months old, I feel so bad for him, had a stomach ache all day worrying about him.  He could tell something was up, he didn't want to go into the vet's office at all, and just loved having me try to put him in the cage to await his manhood demise.  I had to get out of there, he was so scared and nothing I am gonna be able to do for him now, I'm sure he was and is going to feel worse than I do for him, but at the time and now it doesn't feel like it. Poor baby.  I mean Thor not me.

I even took a picture to remember him by.

Yes I know I'm not right in the head, deal with it!! hehe.

Have to move on from that instead of dwelling on it. Oh yeah forgot, ate in a restaurant for the first time since my major panic attack trying to eat at one in the Dells.  And came through with no issues at all, and stuffed my little belly full.  Nice to have small victories in the battle now and then.

Loki right now also seems to be a bit, well not sure, he seems almost happy that Thor isn't here to pick on him, but at same time he's wondering where his buddy is.  When we came out of the vet's office, he looked at me like "umm dad you forgot something,  right?"  He kind of watched the office out of the back window as we drove off, but doesn't take him long to figure out what's going on. "dad you did that to me once, and I will never forget".  *chomp*.

Been steadily deer hunting in the ever growing colder temperatures,  windy and cold. But the deer are slowly starting to get into their breeding season.  Dad and I sat in a ground blind together last night on one of our food plots.  Winds were howling at about 20 mph, I figured we wouldn't see a darn thing, but we ended up seeing a doe and fawn within 15 minutes, and saw a deer coming from a different direction the entire time we were on stand.  Ended up being an odd and wild night of hunting.
Those big old does are just too smart, ridiculous really, we have the wind in our favor, they are over a hundred yards away, we are in a darkened blind they can't see in, and the old doe is staring our way, head bobbing and stomping her hoof, flag up *tail* and off she goes into the woods, Dad and I just looked at each other and shook our heads.

Wasn't long after that maybe 15 minutes and a tiny fork buck walked out of the area of woods, fed around for awhile and came know where near us, not that we would shoot the little fella, but nice to see something close for once.  Next up, two little fawns, that were running all over heck, playing with each other, was cute to watch, they tore around the whole area for 10 minutes and then they were gone also.

Another small tiny buck made an appearance 70 yards to the north and fed through to the west, paying us no attention.  About 5 minutes after that, Dad looked out the West window, says in a loud whisper "2 deer running ones a buck",  well I got excited for a second, then REALLY excited after that, until I saw the size of this massive spike buck hehe. Well I thought they were running away, but I look out the window and they are 20 yards away and closing fast, the spike buck was chasing off a button buck away from the food plot.

The little fella stopped about 10 yards from us to the North as we peeked out at him, cute little fella. He started to feed and Dad decided to grunt softly at him, the buck nearly sprained his neck turning to look at the noise, and we're trying to control our giggles.  This went on for a good 10 minutes, he'd started feeding we'd grunt at him, rinse and repeat, he then got more curious and nearly came in the blind with us to see where the heck the grunting was coming from and what it was all about.

He started basically pacing and circling the blind back and forth to the north and east, Dad started grunting in a higher pitch like a younger buck than him even, and that really peaked his interest. I'm looking out the East window now and this book is desperately staring into the darkened blind straining to figure this out to no avail.  That little buck kept pacing for another 20 minutes as darkness quickly started falling on us.  He walked to our southeast right into our wind, and must of got a whiff of Dad, since he had some beans and eggs earlier in the day, and let's just say he was "fragrant" in that enclosed blind, a few times I was ready to sit in the truck to get out of there.  But this buck come running back to the north by the east window again, but apparently not enough of a scare to send him off, Dad starting snort wheezing at him, and then the buck was back less than 10 feet away looking in our windows hehe. Good times.

He finally got bored and left, but was quite fun, all in all we saw 8 deer,  When I thought for sure we wouldn't see a thing with the winds howling like they were, boy was I wrong.  We let out a couple coyote howls to hopefully get any remaining deer close by to not think of "man" being around instead coyotes to get them to quietly leave so we could get out of there without spooking them.

So, anyway, as I keep expanding my boundaries and enjoying life as much as I can again.  I hope you enjoy reading about me talking about myself hehe.

until tomorrow.