Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter!

Well, Happy Easter everyone.  good meal good times with family.  Enjoy them while they are with you.

Interesting start to the day for me, staying at my Dad's for the weekend festivities, as per usual I get at sunrise when I'm in Argyle, and I have no idea why it is when I'm back at home in Burlington I'm like a sloth getting out of bed.  It's not unusual that I can't get myself moving until at least 7:30 even 8:00 am sometimes, but in when I'm back home on the farm?? No problem, bright and early and ready to rock and roll.

But anyway, the interesting part started after I did my routine visit to Grandma's house, which I do normally every morning by 7:00 am whenever I'm in Argyle, good for my anxiety issues to get out and start moving with my two boys... Loki and Thor, yes they are dogs, Siberian Huskies.  But today it was different, yeah it's Easter, but.. ok anyway..

As I sat with Grandma in her living room, just chatting, I mentioned to her that Jeanne and I were thinking of taking a trip out West, see the sights, stretch my boundaries, press my anxiety and panic issues a little and see if I can actually take a trip, so a healing venture.

But, as I told her my thoughts, I thought she'd be more indifferent, more concerned on the cost of driving, food, any room and board that would occur. etc etc.  Living on disability which I hate, but have no choice right now, and it isn't much,  the trip is going to be taxing on me to get ready for, Because we want to do it right, and well, I haven't told them yet, but my Aunt and Uncle live out in Washington state, and have extended an open invitation to come visit.


So that is our plan, and as I told her what we were thinking of doing, her eyes got wide and a smile started across her face.  And she began to tell stories about how her and Grandpa had taken time years and years ago and seen a little of the west. not nearly as much as she would of liked, but years of farm work made it nearly impossible for them to get away long enough to enjoy what our world has to offer.

So, I see this look on this beautiful woman's face, and she means the absolute world to me, and my thoughts were racing, mostly about I don't know how long she may have in this world, or really how long she may still be able to take trips, Especially ones like this one, that is some 2300 miles one way from Wisconsin.  But, what a chance to share an experience with someone that has been so dear to me my life.

I leaned a little towards her and in a somewhat quiet tone, asked her if she would like to go.

I don't think I've ever seen her smile so big, and the immediate yes I received took me back in shock really.  Took me a bit to realize I was smiling just as big and bright as she was.

So, I guess it's planning and road trip time.  We were thinking next year, but I think that we'll shoot for end of August start of September this year instead.  Going to be a long trip,

But a trip that I will cherish as long as I walk this Earth.

More on this later.

God bless you, and happy Easter.

Thanks for reading.