Thursday, April 9, 2015

Trip planning has begun!


Ok, so, last post, was about planning a trip to Washington state to see My aunt and uncle,  and now that is confirmed and planning has begun.  sounds like my Mother from Alaska, is going to be able to get down to see us as well.  Been 15 years since I've seen her as well.  I should put a picture of her on here, she would kill me. but almost worth it.. almost.

Going to be a long drive, about 2300 miles one way from Wisconsin.  Right now looking at going to Mt Rushmore,  Yellowstone national park.  and Glacier National Park on the way out to Olympia, Washington area.

Taking an 86 year old grandmother, and 2 huskies with us, so anyone with some trip planning on this would be helpful.  If it was just Jeanne and I and the dogs going we were just going to camp on the way out take 4 days stay in one hotel on the journey safe some money and call it good.  But with Granny going.  We will have to stay in hotel/motels daily, and ones that take pets.

So, whoever has some travel trips along the path of Wisconsin to Washington state.  I'm all years, including things that are a "must" see etc etc. would be great.

In the mean time, I'm getting excited to go turkey hunting, getting Go-Pro all geared up and ready, cameras set up, camouflage all laid out, turkey calls getting some practice and will be ready to rock and roll.

And bass fishing is just around the corner, along with Moral Mushroom hunting.  Going to be a busy spring leading up to end of August departure time to Washington.  And probably going to try to go for a couple days somewhere Northern Wisconsin fishing sometime late May early June as well.

Just so I'm not bored, ,I'm doing everything I can to keep my mind and body busy helping out friends with their endeavors selling hunting trips and memberships to a sportsmen club in the Colorado area.

Enjoy the Great Outdoors on facebook where we are booking hunts with outfitters and selling one, three and five year memberships to a sports club with over 200,000 leased acres of land, In Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska and Kansas, with more land coming all the time.

So, that's one way I am trying to get myself away from disability and on with my life.  So, if anyone is looking for a great hunting or fishing experience, get a hold of me, I will put some contact information at the bottom. It would be greatly appreciated.

Jeanne and I are also doing a side project of our own at  showing off some fun recipes for wild game meals.  Contact information for every state Department of Natural Resources,  will be adding a lot more informational items as we go forward, including application deadline data for hunting permits.  Life hacks for camping, hunting, cooking. and the lighter side of life type of things to do with the outdoor lifestyle.

Also are opening, well it's open now, on the penniston lodge, our store front, selling anything under the sun, some really neat stuff in there, we're populating that page as well.

Can come over and post some pictures if you like on our facebook page as well, or just come and say hi  ,  more the merrier.

SO, yes, I'm trying to use those pages to help other people as well as myself and using my Blog as a shameless plug for business hehe.

But I enjoy working on these things, keeps me focused on the future and working with everything I love, hunting, fishing, camping and anything with the outdoors.

Going forward would sure love to hear from anyone about our trip planning there of,  even Great fishing spots in Northern Wisconsin mostly for Bass.  I might even look at going with a Fishing outfitter for a day trip once we out in Washington.

SO anyway.  if you want give me a shout.

Thanks for Reading !!!