Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Why Camouflage?

Why in the world when I go out to stores no matter what store it is I can't pass by something that has camouflage on it without looking at it.   I know I'm a hunter, and I'm sure others probably see me and think that, I normally have something camouflage on me.

Just wearing camo doesn't mean you are a hunter of course.  But in stores, restaurants whatever I am doing wherever I'm going if I see camo I have to stop and stare.  Heck camouflage is supposed to help you blend in, hide, disappear etc etc.   Not draw my attention.

Could be a camo women's nightie and I'm thinking how would it look on me?  Or a spatula for the kitchen, the normal better made non-camo one hanging next to it for 5 bucks less and I'm trying to talk myself OUT of buying the one with camouflage on it.

My better half is pointed this out to me on many occasions, and now is having fun with me for my affliction.   Can pass by the dumbest invention on Earth and she'll stop and hand it to me because It's got camouflage on it.  I'll give her a dumb smirk, take the item as she giggles and keeps walking, only to have to come back a couple minutes later to pull me away from that ridiculous item that nobody needs,, but darn it, IT'S Camouflage!!

I see so many women wearing it now, and a lot aren't hunters at all.  Yes I know this to be true, even though the world is exploding with more and more women hunters, wish mine was.  But could be gorgeous naked woman standing there and then another less eye pleasing standing there with camouflage on,  which do I look at??

Yeah you guessed it,  the one with ca...... yeah right whatever, I have issues but I also have my limits.


I woke up this morning with this stupid thought running through my head.  so of course I had to share it. I'm just that kind of a guy.  I could go on and on and on.  Like I'm doing now.  but ....

poof I'm outta here gotta go look at some Camo underwear.