Sunday, April 12, 2015

Little over 4 months until the trip

Probably a good thing we have a little over 4 months to go until the big Washington Trip.  Coming home from the Wisconsin Deer and Turkey Expo Friday night, my truck decided to give me a headache.

Something in or around the back left tire decided to make a thump, a crunch and some other noise, and the ABS light came on.   Worked on it yesterday, had the wheel off etc etc, The emergency brake was not working at all, then it would work for a while then stick and not want to release.

We got that unstuck, but there is something moving around within the brake drum in that tire, unsure completely what that is.. But is ithis an omen about the trip?  Or is it showing me things I need to have worked on to make sure we have a safe trip out there and back.  So, not sure what to do, don't dare take that back to Burlington 2 hour drive until someone much smarter about vehicles than myself looks at it tomorrow morning.

Hope like heck we start selling some hunts soon or some items on our page soon, going to cost some bucks to get things in proper repair apparently for that kind of a trip, Being that it's 2300 miles give or take one way.

Been about 20 years since I have been up to the Wisconsin Deer and Turkey Expo.  Of course for last 13 or so, I couldn't go because of my anxiety problems, prior to that working all the time didn't have or make the time to go..

But I really have to thank Dr. Lance Guerin, with Guerin Chiropractic in Monroe Wisconsin, for working on my neck and back or no way I could of last the 4 hours we were walking on that hard cement.

Can't believe how much that show has changed in the years, used to be about 200 deer heads on display and some exhibitors showing their items for sale,  now there was all of 10 deer heads on display too look at and about 300 booths to meander through the huge amount of camouflage clad hunters and huntresses.

But sure was fun to see it for a while. Made a lot of good contacts with outfitters and others that are selling items, I'm sure we'll be making some good friends to help get each other more business.

So, now we have to fix the truck, and decide on the trip's fate as we go forth.

Until next time.. thanks for reading..