Thursday, April 23, 2015

A hunting will will go!!!

But.... not today.   Truck BACK in the shop, leaking fluid all over the rear end from the mechanics stellar work last week.  Apparently they put bad axle seals in, and now they are spewing liquid all over.  Less than pleased with this wonderful setback, however, did receive the news that they would cover all the costs, or I'd have an added expense of bail money to my laundry list of setbacks lately.

So, was hoping to go filming some turkey hunts tomorrow, probably the whole weekend.  Well that shoots that plan pretty quickly, along with my mood that WAS starting to get better after the first 500 dollar set back from the outstanding mechanics from last week. 

I been out practicing my turkey calling, taking some pictures of deer, and enjoying the wonderful Spring weather in Wisconsin with the balmy 30 degree mornings and snow showers.  Welcome to the land of the twenty minute summer, 6 month winter, 3 months of fall and the res
t a chilly spring.

Shifting gears again, probably do that a few times in this little episode.  Still not getting why these anti-hunters are so bent out of shape on Facebook,  why can't they turn the page already, no freaking reason they have to look at pictures they don't want to see on social media channels.  Free country, freedom of speech, blah blah blah,  do they have a separate set of rules they go by?

Why must everyone turn their beliefs toward what THEY want instead of having separate free will to do as they want, and what we want without forcing it down their throats.  Ridiculous.  Get a new hobby quit your whining and go hug a tree already.

Speaking of which, need to move a few TREE stands around after turkey season, or maybe do it during if there isn't much going on with the long beards.
My turkey season in Zone 1, South West Wisconsin starts next Wednesday, unless, God forbid my truck decides to take a crap again.  Then I shall be hitch hiking my way West to the happy hunting grounds. 

Thanks for the reminder, gotta get out my TICK spray, hate those little bastages.  And need some new turkey scent......... what do you guys use?

And who would you recommend for a short hunting or fishing adventure in Washington State in September?  Has to be dang cheap!  But you will get a lot of free exposure from me yacking about it in here, on Facebook and Penniston Lodge.
Speaking of Penniston Lodge,  not many probably know, but the "lodge"  is a virtual reality at the moment,  the Old saw mill I'm going to reconstruct into a hunting camp/tree stand/blind/ etc etc,  I guess we could rent it out , but not really the plan, just a nice cozy place to call home away from home for hunting days. 

Have a few pictures of the future camp somewhere on one of our electronic devices.  I'll have to find one, really great spot, not only to hunt from, but nice views also.   Pictures coming !!, Just wait there. Be right back :P

Tomorrow think I'll chat about our trip in it's early stages, hopefully get some input from some of you guys and gals that live somewhere from Wisconsin to State of Washington  or have traveled that direction either to or from.  


Anyway, hope your day went better than mine!!