Thursday, April 16, 2015

Trucks "fixed" on with planning.

Well, after just over 500 bucks dished out that I don't really have to be throwing around to fix the Durango, I'm so pleased.   *grumbles* . I guess, was going to have to it in the shop to be looked over completely before the big trip out West come August anyway.   I didn't however have them do the whole body look see right now. That's going to have to wait until later.

But I guess, better that it happened now then half way through South Dakota somewhere right?  But, why did It have to happen right after I had ordered a new pair of binoculars for the trip and for hunting before I go.  They aren't expensive ones, but got them today and very impressed.  Little heavy, but very clear bright and great zoom.

that's the binocs, really nice value for the price  No, I'm not selling them, but if you are curious. that's all. link goes to amazon.  Nice lens covers, comes with a bag and a case, and a pretty decent strap to put around your neck, not to hang yourself for buying them, bleh, you figure it out lol.

ANYWAY, enough reviewing of a product for no reason.

We are working hard on our website and facebook pages to keep us out of trouble.  Figuring out the best way to get millions of "likes" and traffic to our websites etc.  Really turns into a 8-10 hour day with constant networking, and trying to make a profit doing it this way, since this is about the only job I can currently do is at home internet based business.    We have had the website for years now, but decided now is a good time to start devoting more time to it's development.  Currently the "lodge" is more virtual than anything.  But the old saw mill on the farm will be the lodge at some point, plans have already begun to make that a habitable structure, But that's going to be over time, and more for just friends and family during hunting season.

Still tinkering with what people are interested in, don't really have a niche carved out yet,  So we're just putting some interesting topics, some recipes right now, plus our cafe press store, using my paintings, and photographs, trail cams as images for the products right now.

So, anything you guys want to see? let us know drop a line.  Visit us and give a like on Facebook .

Alright enough of the sales pitch tonight.

Talk to you all soon.