Saturday, April 18, 2015

Just one of those days.

Ever have one of those days?  You don't think you woke up the wrong side of the bed, you don't think you are in a bad mood. But just nothing seems to be in the right place in the world.  Everything I seem to say today is taken in a bad way, and the more I seem to talk, chat and anything in between, comes to a screeching halt by looks of discontent with my manner I'm bringing my thoughts to light.

So, what do I do tonight?  I write some more.   Great idea right?

Probably something to do with the pain I'm in. Have a bad neck and back, the neck is more than a pain in the neck today, can barely move my head left to right without screaming.

So, as I annoy the world one person at a time, my evil plan apparently is unfolding before my eyes and I didn't even know I had a plan.  granted It is definitely not a good plan, and not sure the outcome of said plan is worthy of exploring further, but maybe if I shoot for the stars here and have a goal in mind, maybe my day will turn around and starting making people smile again instead of having them give the one finger salute and run away.  No It hasn't been my intention, but as today draws to a close, it's surely not looking any brighter than it started out.

I can't think of a darn good thing that happened to me today.  I woke up,. I guess that's something right there.  Really hard to write this without that first happening, So I can be thankful for that.   Got to watch my 10 year old Niece's soccer game today, good time, but didn't help my neck much. But still fun to see her out there competing and having fun.
I did get closer to my goal of 5000 friends on Facebook,  Yes it's true I don't know 90 percent of said friends, but I am networking with people with similar interests in life.  Mostly hunting and fishing, anything outdoors really.  But it's been fun talking with a lot of them, and look forward to talking more with as many as I can.

I spend about 6 hours every day just on Facebook alone, networking, chatting, posting, trying to get more interest pointed my way at THE LODGE which is still in infant stages of course, probably shouldn't even be live yet.  There is so many things I'd like to share with people,  hunting, fishing, recipes, links for all of these, pictures, videos,  putting images on shirts, clocks, hats, you name it of the things I experience and share with others.

But, in doing that approach I am spreading the site out so much there is no general focus, a hodge podge of information with no general direction at all.  Kind of like how my day started.

So I bid you a good night, I hope yours ends better than mine started.