Monday, April 20, 2015

Speed Bumps!

No, not what we're going to talk about today.  But that dang truck sure set me back having to pay over 500 bucks.  Need this website work we are doing to start paying off!  Guess It's time to start networking with people selling their own items and services on their and own and see if we can work out some deals together.

Not really sure how that works, so if any of my readers have any ideas or would like to work together, let me know.

I love sharing my journey about my anxiety troubles that are entering about 13th year, I've tried to get away from dwelling on just writing about the troubles of everyday life with anxiety, but just touching on it now and then.  I think if you have read back from the beginning until even today, you'll understand through the dark days and the bright ones that I think the "journey" still applies with how I'm writing this even now.  Moving forward instead of talking daily about how it effects everything you do.  Instead, doing what I enjoy, talking about life, activities, likes and dislikes, and really just reaching out and networking with new people, and old friends.

So, that said, I think It's time to network, talk with some vendors, see if they'd like to combine forces in a way.

moving on, for now, next page....
This coming weekend most likely be heading back to Argyle, get ready for my turkey season next Wednesday.  sounds like the weather is going to be crappy.  Which figures,  was hoping it would be a little warmer out,  need those morel mushrooms to be out in force to fill my ever growing soon to be middle-aged belly.

Have my gun ready, license, cameras out and charging. GoPro toys are set to record, just need to pull out my camouflage and get that situated.  Need some good footage to promote on our sites.   For those of you who haven't gotten a GoPro those are a blast,  once you get passed the fear of putting it under water, it really opens up a lot of options to play with.   Can't wait to take it out fishing, have a few plans to try to get some interesting video.

And beyond the hunting coming up, still have to raise some funds, and save up some of the green stuff to take my butt out to State of Washington come August.  Never know, might like it so much out there might not come back!!

Would love to have the availability to hunt elk, mule deer, antelope, etc etc.  Little easier being a resident than putting in a hope and a dream of drawing a tag, definitely on my bucket list now that I'm getting so much better and hopefully able to afford going on some hunting trips in the near future.

Anyway, until later,