Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What's The Deal With The Sudden Anti-Hunting Movement?

All I see on social media lately is this spam and attention seekers with anti-hunting slanderous information.   If I don't like the show I'm watching, I really have a lot of great choices.  1.  I could turn it off.  2. I could turn the channel.  3. Keep watching and hope it changes for the better.  We could go on and on about your choices. But, I think the first one works good enough.

Are they just looking for attention?  I'm a life long hunter and a meat eater, I can't go 2 days in a row without eating meat for fear of not making it through to the 3rd day.  SO, of course I'm somewhat biased.  Now that said, some of the pictures being posted on Facebook and other social media places are indeed going a bit far In "MY" opinion,  and an opinion is like an asshole every has one.

But some of the pictures out there are going a tad far these days, use a little common sense in your picture posting people, not everyone wants to see gaping holes in gods creatures plastered over everything, the one with the girl laying down next to a giraffe actually didn't sit well for me, but I am pro-hunting.  So this is far as I will go in spewing an opinion on what I don't like seeing from hunters.

But, why the sudden outburst from the liberal anti-hunting people?  Seriously, move on.  I do not see hunters spamming the vegetarians and peta activists with pictures of their prized trophies, putting up ridiculous petitions to ban them from showing vegetables torn from the Earth only to be boiled, fried and cutup in a despicable manner. HOW DARE they kill those precious fruits and vegetables!!!!

Come to think of it, I think I'm going to do just that, time to break out the warpaint, the camouflage and the cameras, and hunt me down some broccoli!!!  And send facebook and social media outlets into a frenzy with me skinning and chopping up some carrots!!

And of course the hollywood elite have to weigh in,  one prized actor/comedian is losing face with prior followers of his work,  And you have all heard about a big name in the Country Music scene about to lose millions of dollars with his anti-gun efforts.

So, I guess I will put a shout out to one of the groups helping the PRO hunting cause, because I believe It's a good fight!   KEEP TROPHY PICTURES ON FACEBOOK.   Hunting has been a way of life since anyone I know has been on this earth, and way beyond that,  but they didn't have cameras back then, they drew on the freaking cave walls of their glorious hunts, and how they fed their family,

So, are we supposed to resort to keeping memories alive for future generations how we fed our families by reverting to the stone age?  And how can one of the biggest liberal anti-trophy picture guys have a picture of himself laying on a dead creature rug, interesting.

I love to see especially the younger generation, the children out there hunting, learning the ways of the old world, and the new ways of not sitting on their butts playing video games, I applaud the parents that show their children about the outdoors, and how hunting and foraging is still a vital way of life in our world.

Hunting teaches so many things that video games destroy in our youth.  Keep up the good fight, keep on getting outdoors, keep on posting your successful hunts for the world to embrace, share and rejoice. It's a way of life, it has been since we were created, and it will be a way of life long after our generation is gone.

You can't learn those things that being outdoors, hunting and gathering, bringing food to the table so on and so forth, from going to a club, listening to a Comedian on stage, going to a movie, or a Country Western Concert.

I could go on and on as I usually do.  But if you don't like what you are seeing, either move on, hide the posts.  Why do you need attention brought to you in this manner, we have enough fighting going on in this world already,  go eat your vegetables, we'll go eat our meat, and both be happy.