Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Once upon a time......

Felt good with my last post, needed to vent and get rid of some baggage that weighs me down.  Probably won't change a thing, but kind of helped airing my brain out.  Which is getting filled up with a lot of interesting new knowledge taking the Wisconsin Trapping Course to get a trapping license this year.  No clue why exactly, but it is quite interesting learning about all the fur-bearing critters out there.  Love learning new things.

But geez,  42 years young and I'm back to doing homework?  Really?  Oh well, maybe we'll see if my brain still functions or not.  We'll get back to you on that one, I know you''ll be on the edge of your seats wondering if I still have brain function yet.

Got back to work on the travel trailer, the thing is gutted of everything nailed, screwed, glued or tattooed down,  except the ceiling and walls, few things to deal with on floor yet, but really I could start laying down new flooring today, so I have something better to stand on than some plywood laid down on the supports below.  Maybe I will just park it outside of my old friend Jim Carter's house late at night, see if he magically fixes it up for me?  He does that sorta thing,  it's on my way to Argyle , in Brodhead, hmm, think he'd mind?

This one is ready to rock and roll.  
This one is not.  And I shouldn't be, but I am always looking for another steal of a deal to add to the collection of rebuilds.  Either going to rent them out or sell them, not sure yet.  Leaning towards renting them out for a while, and of course using them for personal use as well. 


Won't be long before that white stuff is on the ground, oh joy joy.  But right now bow season is coming up fast,  will be first time in wow, maybe 17 years or so since I've gone bow hunting, should be fun hunting deer with the bow again.  Nice quiet, peaceful time in the woods is always good for the soul.  And fun watching the deer.

Recent trail camera picture of a smaller buck, so far not a lot of activity on my one and only camera, few does, 3 small bucks, lots and lots of turkeys and coyotes.  Maybe once I get my trapping license, I'll see what I can do about the coyote problems we have. hmmm good idea I think.

Interesting Moon-lit night,  with distant tower lights glowing as well. Fun being able to get out again, and enjoy even the smallest of things, and share my adventures with everyone else.

And the turkey trot.

Not from My trail camera, but that would be shocking to see if it was!
And Mayhem and Chaos as usual,  Thor and Loki actually, but I think the prior names might be more fitting?

Ok, less to read today, more on my travels, just to mix things up for once?  I'm off to refill my prescriptions and get my head squared away again, soon we have to head back to Argyle apparently, and possibly going to try to haul my newest rehab project of a trailer over there to work on for a week or so.  Unless of course Grandma has a to-do list for me again.

See ya later.