Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Ok, New truck, life slightly back to normal?

Alright, so life getting slowly back to normal I guess, fast and furious search to replace our broken up Ford Escape by that nasty little deer has come to a speedy conclusion already.  Faster than I really thought it would, I was being very picky.  Was looking for another Ford, that's all I've ever liked or had.  But when you see a price tag at a dealership for 12,000 bucks on 100,000 miles on 2004 models ?? I don't think so.  But I used the time to play with the salespeople to see what kind of prices I could get them down to.  Little surprising how overpriced the dealers have them at apparently.  So, playing with salespeople got to be fun, got 12000 down to 7900 pretty quickly.

But that wasn't even the price what it was worth. So, more calling more dickering on prices, until I got kind of talked into a Dodge Durango.  83,000 miles for one heck of a price.  I might even sell it for what it's really worth I got such a good deal on it.  I even test drove it, and really amazed at how great that SUV feels.  2006 model , v-8 4.7 liter engine, the thing roars, looks good and feels like a tank and drives like a Mercedes.  Within reason anyway but you get my point.

So, that's my new beauty, fingers crossed I don't have any issues at ALL.  Going to get one one of those brush guards on the front, "deer guards".  Hopefully worth the expense of it, after seeing how much damage that dang deer did to my poor Escape, anything can help I hope.

But hey, even know I love it, I'd be willing to listen to blue book price offers on it. Gimme a call.

So, during this whole process of worrying about my Ford getting banged up, had some ups and downs with anxiety. Caused a lot of stress and worry during the ordeal.  Usually I don't have to take Lorazepam anymore much at all.  But I've had a couple days where I have had to take even a couple of them I had been feeling so jumpy with anxiety.  Now that getting a vehicle is over, insurance on it, etc etc.  Life maybe get a little back to normal for me and my brain will settle back into place.

Hunting I'm not sure is helping, but I am so happy to be able to be out on my own in the timber again waiting for the old grey ghost to make an appearance.  Finding out that getting up into a ladder stand isn't working so well, feel like my world is crashing down around me when I try to sit up there.  But I climbed up about 15 feet in a tree the other night and had no trouble at all and almost got a shot at a big old doe,  so apparently I'll have to take baby steps with getting back into trees, specifically into man made stands.

Little panicky at times the way it is out hunting, but not enough for me to worry about it.  I usually always carry my medication with me in case I need a little help.  But I haven't even bothered taking it with me.  At some point I have to get rid of that "crutch" which is all it is as long as I stay on a regular course of taking my meds on time.  Been nearly 6 months since my last doctor visit, I am actually looking forward to talking with him again, have several issues that have came up since my last appointment, but then again, so many more advances than setbacks, but none the less a lot to discusss.

Was actually funny today, Jeanne had to bring over the insurance pay-out check today, so Aunt Linda and Grandma and I went to pick her and Loki up in Janesville, her mother was dropping her off there, since it's about half way point. more or less. And we both pulled into the Carstar parking lot at exactly the same time, was pretty humorous.  And I needed to pick up my license plates at the Carstar there for the new vehicle.  I was actually pretty jumpy all the way to Janesville today, which sucked but I managed.

So, we all piled in Linda's vehicle and headed to Monroe to pick up the Dodge, I was pretty excited about that, and having my little family together again always helps.  Jeanne Loki and Thor :)  By the time we got to Monroe I was right as rain, felt great, paid up the last of the vehicle money we owed, so that's free and clear.  And I drove that sucker all the way to Argyle.  Heck I even did the test driving with Aunt Linda with me,  But I did the driving.  I get jumpy yeah, but feels so good to at least attempt and succeed at driving, even that 20 minute drive makes me feel so freaking good.

Then go hunting tonight and have a doe see me from over a hundred yards away and spook off didn't end my night the way I wanted it to.... well night isn't over yet, maybe I'll get lucky???  I guess after nearly 20 years together is why they call it luck?

OK  til later.  take care.