Friday, September 20, 2013

No internet? You kidding ME?

After a week of just poor bewilderment and just chaos, top it off with two days without internet or cable TV?  COME ON!!  What doesn't kill you will make you stronger?  Well I tell you, at this point in life not sure anything else will bother me.

First of course the deer wrecking my truck.  Then find out it's nearly $5000 to fix it?  Then the wonderful insurance adjuster as wonderful and fair as they are, says vehicle is only worth 200 dollars UNDER the damage estimate??? Not sure how that's really possible, but whatever! And kelley blue book said my vehicle 7 months ago was worth nearly 2200 dollars more than it is now?

Life is not fair at times I swear.  Then of course I had to ask what vehicles this guy is comparing to. I get the "short" list of comparables.  So, I get on the phone and check out these "comparable"... One is at 4400 bucks, sure, yep it's almost identical, except he left out the part where it needs 1500 dollars worth of repairs.  A few more calls led me to believe, I'm not getting a real fair deal here, and there isn't going to one one dang thing I can do about it.  He's already said, and immediately he had said it's considered "totaled".   So the comparables, are if my vehicle was in working condition prior to the accident.

So, I call him on these comparable,  and after going through the list, and explain his errors, yes kindly.  He says, ok fine,  it's now worth 6500 and now we won't consider it totaled.  What the hell is this guy smoking?  What a scam they run, good lord.
So, as I can now see, I'm screwed up and down and sideways, not much I can do.  And I also had towing in my insurance, well that's only covering if you break down, deer or accidents?? Heck NO. So,  add another 360 bucks to my total ? OK great!!  Apparently a 500 dollar deductible?  THROW IT ON ME!!  So, due to the fact the worth of my vehicle won't be changed, with deductible and towing, I'll be paying more and more to get it fixed?  Screw it,  I sold it as is to a guy where the vehicle was, plus the insurance payout, and be done with it.  Moving on.

Test your anxiety much lately?  Come spend a day with me and you will surely figure out if you have anxiety issues or not.

Time for a different vehicle, so the fun search begins, with some lessons learned and hope for the best.  With our campers etc.  Need to be able to tow, have room for dogs.  Not looking forward to the search really.

Changing my name to CHARITY and hoping for donations.

And yeah still on disability for anxiety, keep getting stuff in the mail, they want to cut this, cut that, sign this, sign that.  Obama care this Obama care that.  I don't like being on disability, but I couldn't have turned my life around without it.  And still am In need of the little help I get, I'd be back in trouble with anxiety if I didn't get the help I have now.  But, it's so confusing how it's run.  I thought I had three years worth of care until I had to be reviewed.  I called them today after receiving some more paperwork today.  And there is no information whether I am on a 3 year review or 7.  So, of course that has my stomach churning wondering about that now as well.  If It is 7, then thank god.  I can really push knowing I have the time to not worry about where the help will come from, or how to actually pay for it.  If It is 3 like I think/thought/possibly is, then I am still in turmoil, because I'm not ready for being let loose on the public and can't afford to pay the meds or doctors.  OK, that part isn't quite true, I am fine, just not able to go out and apply for McDonalds yet.

Ok, what else is messed up with my life this week?  Still have that damn trapping test stuff I gotta do, and I just can't find room in my brain at the moment to think about it.  Have to get Thor's boy parts removed soon. and that's another 300 bucks I can't really part with, and I'm sure he'd be happy that I didn't part with his parts.

But hey, I got to drop my wonderful truck insurance for at least a day!!

So, anyway, back in Argyle, a fresh dose of Grandma usually helps lift my spirits. Dad gets back from Colorado this weekend as well, didn't get an elk, but I'm sure he'll have stories and lots of pictures of the gorgeous mountains.

Ok frustration still there, but time to look for a vehicle so I can keep pushing, do not like depending or using other peoples vehicles.

See you later.