Saturday, September 7, 2013

Back at the Farm,,,, again.

                                My dear Grandma playing along with her goofy grandson.

Decided to come back a day early,  but we're here, back at the farm again. So nice being able to just pack up and go, and not worry about the drive, or getting in a vehicle whatsoever. Love it Love it love it.   So nice to be free again! 

Ok, moving on, not going to dwell on anxiety this time.  It's time for bow hunting darn it!!

Oh, and Happy Birthday to my mother today!!!  Promised her to paint her a picture, *sigh* to hot to paint, but I better get it done, maybe a polar bear, during a blizzard!,  (blank white canvas).  
That may not fly dunno.

Ok, so... my first time archery deer hunting in a long long time, looking forward to it, I still won't be real excited until the rutting season starts, but just being able to go without someone having to babysit me will be great, or have to have Jeanne sitting in the car in a reasonable distance away in case I freak out.  No worries anymore.

SO, maybe get lucky and see one of these nice little bucks come into shooting range, make me a happy camper, nice trophy and meat in the freezer, that I really could use soon.  Getting some more arrows soon, get out practicing a bit more, sharpen up the brodheads, air out the hunting clothes and away we go!


Wouldn't mind fishing a bit more before snow flies as well either,  here Thor laying under my dad's chair at Yellowstone Lake as we waited endless hours for really no reason, apparently fish don't like us there.  Dad likes to go for catfish, and sure catch a carp whoopee!!   I prefer Bass fishing over any kind of hunting or fishing of any kind.  Just love bass fishing.  Just not Ice fishing.  Just don't understand sitting out on the ice in the middle of winter.  Even as a cheese head, still don't get it.  Oh well. 

I can't tell you how nice it is being able to do these things again. Just amazing from where I was in life at how fast things are turning around for the better.  I appreciate life so much more now.
However, working on that travel trailer might kill me before too long, especially in this later summer heat, wow it's hot hot hot and humid out.

Yep, and have to update some pictures on this, now all the walls except the outer layer of "skin" is all that's remaining and the supports all the way around.  Going to take a while, but I believe it's worth the effort, learned so much new from doing this, and I believe seeing where the leak problems can occur first hand will really help me understand the workings in and out.  And stop those nasty leaks the best I can.  With so many things going on, going to take me a couple months of monkeying around and we'll get 'r' done!!!  At least in time for spring.

And here's cousin Matt *harry* Fisherman with his master catch of the day, pretty sure he'll have that one mounted on his wall, there isn't enough on that one to even eat!!

Jeanne caught off guard enjoying a tasty beverage in Wisconsin Dells.  All these pictures are this year, as you can see, I've been getting out more and more, further and further.  Enjoying as much as I can,  it's still work at times, but oh so worth the effort in the end.  Looking back, still can't believe all it took was one semi-terrifying trip to the hospital, demand basically for help, and here we are.  Off and running.

Ok, so that's a different sort of a blog for the day.  We'll see what tomorrow brings,  Oh yes,  PACKERS opening day of football tomorrow !!!!!!  Going to Jeremy and Chellie's!!  Open bar and dancing I heard??