Monday, September 16, 2013

Interesting few days

                                                       The poor truck.

Well, was all excited to go hunting, then of course I get the phone call from Jeanne that she hit a deer outside Janesville, and by the steam coming from the front of the truck, yeah well not good. Of course that upset me a great deal, yeah should of asked if she was ok, but, like a "guy" was more concerned apparently for my vehicle (hey she wouldn't of called if she wasn't ok) so, I guess it was presumed.  But all I saw was dollar signs shooting out the billfold.  Good insurance yeah, but still a big pain in the ass. And my poor Ford Escape.  Now I get to wonder if the damage is enough that they will want to just "total" it, and hope I don't get screwed with insurance payout.

So, anyway, that of course sent my anxiety into it's own little overdrive, wasn't bad, but no way I was going to be able to drive over there to pick her up, or even ride along at this point.  So Grandma and Aunt Linda to the rescue!  They didn't get to Argyle until about 12:15 am.  In the meantime I was making phone calls to insurance agent to leave a message, I took care of calling the police and setting up all that crap.  Jeanne was a tad upset when she called, so spent the time calming her down,  I gave her little things to do at the time, to get her mind off it, didn't seem to take long.

Had her check on the deer, to see if it was hurting or dead, that took some prodding to do, have to tap on it's eyeball to see if there was any reaction, she apparently wasn't too thrilled about doing that,  finally achieved that and there was no reaction, so the deer didn't suffer at all, was dead on impact.  as apparent with the damage to the poor Ford.  Was hoping to keep the deer, but with that kind of hit on it, wasn't much meet left to be preserved.
                                 the accident scene can see 1 small left over piece of the truck
Anyway,  my mind was racing, heart was thumping, thousand things running through my mind, so I painted an entire painting in that 2.5 hour span, It's not quite complete, but geez I gotta paint more often, I must say it's very good.

So, nothing left to do but wait. Turn my thoughts toward opening day of archery season for deer, which maybe I could enact some revenge on that deers family members.  Yeah, not a great thought probably, but made me feel better.

After stewing most of Saturday about the vehicle, tinkering with this and that,  about 4 pm I started getting pretty excited to get out into the woods after 16 years of no deer hunting with the bow. At 4:30 I couldn't wait any longer so I headed out, and since NO vehicle I was on foot for the journey, and I'm glad I left when I did, ended up taking some time getting to stand.

After finally settling in at my stand, surveying the area, and enjoying the peaceful nature. A lot of fond memories of years gone by rushed through my head. And then that came crashing to reality quickly when I heard a small twig crack behind me not more than 10 feet away as a small buck snuck through the brush.  Yep scared the crap out of me, didn't expect one from that direction, and so early in evening, and he stuck around for probably 30 minutes then went on his way.  No revenge for me on this night, was shooting that poor little fellow.

And that's all I saw that night, but that was just fine with me, good to see my heart still pounds even at the sight of that little buck.
So, back home I go, getting there as darkness fell.  So quiet and peaceful, a calmness comes around you.  And hope you don't happen across that stray skunk that happens to be out and about.  So, the calmness changes a bit, because of that very thought.

Anyway, about 9:30 Saturday night, was starting to feel kinda crappy. And thought oh goody, I think I am getting a cold, and sure enough, woke up Sunday morning feeling like a semi-truck parked on my head, so Sunday was a fun miserable day, thank goodness for the Packers being on TV,  and woke up this morning, Monday drenched in sweat, felt like I was sleeping in a bathtub, so maybe a good sign. We'll see.

Mind definitely not clear enough for the days phone calls I have to make.  But someone has to.  Spent a couple hours on the phone with insurance guy,  the adjuster, car repair shops, rental car, don't even remember how many others, but the wheels are turning on the repair, or "total". Only time will tell.

ok, feel like crap, so i'll leave it here for now.