Thursday, September 27, 2012

Coyotes are calling!

About a week since my last post, just haven't felt like writing, and that's not good for keeping my readers happy.  Sorry about that.  Felt fine, just been running around doing crap.  So, the trail camera I bought,  wasn't happy at first, but a lot was user error.  Too high placement, too low, tinker with settings.  One hint is don't put it on too small a tree, every breeze that blows you get 30 pictures, you get a big windy day you'll fill the camera up with 600 pictures of the wind blowing.  Been there, done that.

About 3 feet off the ground and sturdy attachment will get you what you want.  Which in my case after a week of tinkering was one morning dove flying by lol.  But, besides my interest in critters of all types, I'm using this as another thing for me to do to push myself and make myself walk further alone, and with Loki away from the house.  At first I kept moving the camera a little further away, but now I have a great spot about 300 yards or so from the house on a fence line.  I shouldn't be checking it everyday, due to getting my scent in the area too often.  But I look forward to the exercise and the unknowing what might of been captured.

So far two coyotes have come acrossed the camera,  nice night time infra red pictures of them too.  And we have LOTS of coyotes, too many in packs also.  Jeanne and Loki were out for a midnight potty call the other night, I was laying in bed watching sportscenter with the window cracked open, and heard the howl that sounded like it was right outside the window, and sure enough there goes Jeanne and Loki running into the house with both their tails tucked tightly.  Within seconds after the lone howler, about 5 or 6 others within 100 yards let loose and were definately on the move towards Loki as dinner, or Jeanne is in heat, my guess is after Loki as food. 

But the fact they are that close and hunting, does have me a bit leary, with 4 young kids here, no they aren't out at midnight playing,  but the pictures I have so far are at 7:30 pm and 8:20 pm.  That's early.  And I have no ammunition for the only thing I have to shoot around here is my two service pistols, they'll work, but gotta be close.  As much as I love watching them, and listening to them howl, they are getting braver than I like.  I may be doing something in regards to their bold moves soon.

Yesterday morning I was checking my camera and changing the SD disk on it,  for some reason I was really starting to have a panic attack, glad Loki was there with me, but I was really on the edge of a good one, I was thinking of soon moving that camera further from our property mainly for my own reasons of having to walk farther to get it, therefore pushing my limits.  But right now it'll have to hold where it is, besides I do like the spot.  If I keep getting more pictures, i'll be looking at getting a 2nd one down the road for another spot.  But a decent one is a tad pricy. I'd love three, spread out over a mile or so, that would really keep me jumping and do wonders for my brain.

But once we got back to the house, I settled very quickly, which bugs the hell out of me.  Why?  Because I still feel like I have to have a safe haven to run to,  I guess maybe we all do, but I don't want to run from anxiety.  I'm not sure how long it'll take before I stop remembering what hell I went through, and instead start loving how good I have been feeling in the 7 months since help started. 

The enormous progress I've made, is phenomenal, and I tend to overlook it and not think about it and just keep going. Not sure If I should be looking back or just moving forward like it didn't happen.  Enjoying the trip through writing here I think may be enough, I've often reread what I've written in my ramblings here, and it's really awesome to see from my perspective what i've been able to do.

Still hard to get on a mower and mow lawn,  Jeanne , Loki and I went to Mukwonago to cut the grass there the other day, and to meet prospective renters for that house, FINALLY I think I got it rented, so that'll hopefully be off our hands, and stop wasting mother in law's money on that damn place, only way to get it done is just do it, and hand her the paper work later or she'll sit on it.  Then she wanted to charge lower rent than what number Jeanne and I agreed on what it should be, and what fit with what the renters need to have.  Well that's fine and all, but... instead give us the difference so you arent' really getting the money that way, you'll feel better, and so will we.  Like that'll happen, even though we do all the work for it.  Whatever. moving on.

I've slowly broken out the pain brushes, but still having issues getting much of a start, doing a huge 4 foot by 4 foot 1/4" plywood painting, that will involve a lot of detail and time of an African scene.  It'll be fun if I can get off my ass to do it.

Sleep also been an issue for past 2 weeks, Jeanne's had a horrible cold and wakes Loki and I up constantly during that time with fits of coughing, then she goes out and has a cigarette, guess that helps?  SO, 3-4 hours a sleep a night, been too tired to think about writing much.  Other than that we been going out usually every other night instead of every night.  I've noticed a difference, feeling more jumpy doing it that way,  apparently I need to go and do something every night, so not looking forward to winter where that might not be possible always.

Next Tuesday Loki goes in for his cryptorchid "nut removal" surgery which isn't going to be fun, drop him off early in the morning, and can't pick him up til the next day, and they gotta open him up and search for his nuts that haven't dropped.  Then 2 weeks of constant babysitting and probably with a cone on his head until he's healed up, microchipped and ready to rumble again.  I'm freaking nervous about it, you just never know when they put them under what'll happen,  not going to be a sleep filled night day before, day of and probably for 2 weeks after.  Oh joy!

Ok, that's pretty much what's new in my world,  think I mentioned I had a mollie fish die and flushed. other than that?  the PACKERS SUCK and it's pissing me off !!

talk soon,