Friday, September 7, 2012

Family coming to Visit!

Hunting season starts soon, so, that means Greg aka Dad, won't be seen much for about 2 months, SO, Grandma, Dad, and Aunt Linda going to come down and stay for the night.  Always good to see them, lifts my spirits up.  And they can see all the changes we did to our places with the new paint, and a few added items.  And of course Grandma can't come without bringing have the grocery store with her geez.  Can't even remember everything she's bringing,  but I did here 2 racks of RIBS!! After that the rest was kind of lost hehe.

So, that'll be fun, they are coming on Monday.  This past week, we took Loki into the vet again, his ears and nose, and his right eyelid still having a lot of redness, some swelling, and lots and lots of itching.  This time the vet gaves us some cream to put on it, and within 2 days he's already looking like he's almost back to normal.  We still don't know what in the heck it is,  we're all guessing allergies the way it looked.  But did the allergies go away with the rain or did the medications and lotion work.  pfft don't know.

Oh, that's right mother's birthday, HI MOM yes you already go your present, hope that's alright, we all know how you like your lingerie!!  Just kidding.  I know you read this, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Kids are back and school, stress level you'd think would be lower, but the left over crap they leave as they go out the door, has you just irritated enough so you can't wait til they get home to start them on chores!!  They do everything half way, drives me nuts. Can't go into that, going to get into a bad mood geez.

I'm going to jump all over in this blog this time.  I'd love to go bowhunting again, but that'll be later, I am however thinking about going gun hunting for deer this year, haven't been hunting in, wow, about 18-19 years??  I can't believe it's been that along, and I think it's time again.  Been having dreams about hunting for the passed few days,  and the same spot keeps popping up, the same buck over and over,  so I guess it's telling me something.  Guess I need to go.  Make Jeanne sit with me for a few hours, shiver in the cold.

Been feeling very good, haven't had to take much of any medication for panic like usual, except today, was in the store and was pretty jumpy, but haven't been out much in passed 2 days, just didn't have anything we wanted to do I guess.  But, it's been a good week of really not anxious feelings what so ever, which is a good step, then of course getting jumpy in the store bugs me, but last month it would of worried me, now I'm excited to go back out to a store after supper just to piss the anxiety off for showing it's ugly head.

But I need a new challenge a new hobby, a new change.  The way my anxiety has worked, once I got too used to the same routine every day, anxiety found a way to disrupt it, and I'd have to change, I want to not think that'll happen, but I also like variety and new things, need to push my limits and expand boundaries again.  But heck I've been going and going like crazy for last 6 months I've kinda done everything hehe.  We still haven't got out camping yet.  That will be a new and loved thing to do, so I guess I need that on the calendar and do it.

Maybe we'll surprise Grandma and Dad when they come,  guess what we're going camping instead of being in nice comfortable home eating great food here!!!  Oh boy she'd love that lol.  

Going to wait til winter to see if there is some sales on tents, Jeanne wants to buy a popup trailer thingy, which are nice, but, have to buy the trailer package for car, plus the popup's even used to get a decent one isn't cheap, and she's so afraid to get away from this place for long or everything will fall apart we can't go far or too long too often,  kind of a waste of money.

Heck I don't know.  Anyone have ideas what else I can do?  I need to keep pushing, keep doing,  maybe an art class or guitar class?  something to keep my mind going forward as well as my body. Find myself very bored a lot of times,  with anxiety and panic so much of my life for almost 11 years now, it gave me something to do constantly, always finding a way to deal with it, or in bad times, just trying to survive the attacks,  now without the onslaught of daily panic, it's hard to keep myself busy, yet i'm not mentally ready to tackle the real world completely.

anyway, food for thought, cya soon.