Sunday, September 9, 2012

What's new in the world of anxiety?

Heck not a lot hehe.  Feeling good, my last post left me with feeling really uncomfortable in a store, and that night I went back and we went to 3 stores and a nice run in the dog park just to piss off anxiety and let it know who's in charge.  Felt good, great really.  Got a bunch of food, munchies mainly for my families visit tomorrow.

Bunch of cheese, even bought some Limburger, gee whiz that stuff stinks, you get passed the smell?  You know what that stuff is pretty darn tasty, can't believe I actually tried it,  Grandpa Bob loved the stuff, I do see why now, but man it stinks like a pair of gym socks stuck away in a corner of a locker for a couple months.  But tasty all the same, not that I've tried gym socks but the cheese is good.  And of course had to buy my swiss cheese, love it love it, must be cuz I'm swiss who knows.

So,  brats and crab salad for lunch with assorted cheese and summer sausage for munchin.  Ribs, parsley potatoes, probably left over crab salad and whatever else we throw together for supper.  Linda is making omelettes for breakfast on Tuesday, we got bacon and some good breakfast sausage,  ah yes, we'll put on a few pounds when they arrive, it's always a feast when we get together, hate to send them home hungry.  I know on my trip to Argyle it took me a few days to shed the extra few pounds they put on me.  I'll try to return the favor hehe.

Ok, anything new on the homefront here?  I did prime the mud room for Jeanne's sister Bonnie, she's been so busy at her job, felt like doing something nice for her, she just hasn't had the time to get to it.  Now just need the paint color she wants and finish that up, was a horrible horrible lime green almost neon glowing color, and it feels good to keep busy with something, anything really, not looking forward to being cooped up this winter.  Been trying to pack away items that are just space takers around our place and store them in the basement.  But out of sight out of mind is what that becomes, you end up buying crap to replace what you already have.

OH, yes,  bunch of turkeys in the yard yesterday, haven't seen them around for about a year, even though every morning the back yard behind the garage was full of turkey crap and holes all over where they have been foraging, but I guess either I scare them off without seeing them or they are much earlier risers than I have been.

And the bad news part is the damn coyotes we got so many around here, for one reason or another have started to dig up NIKO's grave.  NO CLUE why??  He's apparently very decomposed after 6 months in the ground there is nothing for them to feed on.  But it was heartbreaking to see the hole dug way down, rocks moved aside and his skull showing and what's left of hair pulled out of the hole. Made me sick to my stomach to the point I think it's time to get a rifle here and start dealing with the overpopulated jerks.  Don't mess with my dogs, alive or dead!

Oh, thanks for the reminder, need to get propane for the gas grill to finish the ribs off on, and for the brats!!  Not like I change subjects often eh?  hehe.

Loki's looking great, his ears and nose look completely healed right now. So we'll have to take him to the vet again....... To get him ready for his testicle surgery.  NOT looking forward to that, since they have to open him up, and the at least 2 weeks of hell after that making sure he doesn't mess with the area they work on.  Probably have to get one of those great dunce cap things so he can't lick where he'll want to.  Really scared of this surgery, bad thoughts of something going wrong and him not waking up, or whatever,  very in love with this dog.

That's about it for now, more soon.