Sunday, October 7, 2012

Moving on, one day at a time

Well, been awhile again, just haven't felt like writing lately. lazy I guess.  Loki had his surgery last Tuesday, everything went very good, good but costly, darn expensive.  But hopefully worth it in the long run,  sure an empty house without him around.  hated it.  Got me even looking for another puppy just for my own well being, and just in case scenarios. Hate to think that way, but besides we WANT more dogs,  two would be plenty,  and more costly, but we love dogs so much.  Going to keep looking very hard,  Loki will be healed up in another 10 days when he gets the cone of shame off, and his stitches removed from his belly.

Poor dog, a good 8 or 9 inch incision on his belly and all shaved off, plus front leg party shaved, I assume for the intravenus (I-V) and a scab on his back between his shoulder blades, I think is the microchip implant.  Sure cant' even tell he's had surgery. The first day back, he was a little down, but not for long, now 5 days removed he's raring to go, but he cant' do much for another 9 or 10 days.  Took forever the day we were to pick the little brat up from the Vet's office.  I was watching down the hallway that goes into the "vet's" area,  and Loki must of heard my voice,  here I see him pop his head out of a doorway, and yeah, the nurse wasn't gonna hold him from coming to see daddy, not my boy hehe.  Here he comes, and I tell ya,  I got mauled with kisses all over, whining and wiggling doggy happy to see his dad.  And vice versa.

So, I really want two dogs, I've never had a female dog, going to go that route more than likely, and get her spayed of course,  hardest part is picking the right name more than anything.  We're already set up to bring in a new baby pup. Loki only 8 months now,  most say it's best to either bring 2 dogs into a home at same time or on other end about 3-4 years apart.  Well, there is some logic I'm sure, but I'd rather err on the side of I have no patience for anything, and I'm gonna get one, so there.

SOOOO, since i'm stuck babysitting our healing pup, I haven't been getting out much, so afraid he's going to mess with his stitches and really hurt himself, I only get out for moments at a time.  Even with the cone on him he still can scratch near the area with rear legs, or lick somewhat close.  So, I haven't been felling 100 percent being cooped up too much, and when we do get out, having a little issues here and there again riding or in stores.  I know it'll pass once things get back to normal but right now gets a little uncomfortable.

This whole month is messed up, Jeanne has to take her dad to Milwaukee for chemotherapy monday-friday for two weeks, using our car, our gas,  cuz he wants to save his money. yeahh not going there.  But that means I'm alone, to watch Loki, and a lot of the times at least one of the kids, since Grandma, Aka mother-in -law likes to spend anytime she can during her "working" hours out shopping or quilt shows.

Now besides Jeanne being gone for about 4 hours at a time, I found a suitable renter for mother-in-laws home in Mukwonago, which means we have to rent a truck and empty that sucker asap,  that means more running around in uncomfortable situations, or at least stressful ones.  And have it all done, plus paint, clean, and carpet by the 1st of November, while healing up a dog, making kids get to school on time, Jeanne's dad to chemotherapy, cooking supper for 9 or 10 every night.  Some of this is probably daily routine for some.  Here it's just added stress for my healing is all it is.

Anyway.  as I wrote before, I had gotten a trail camera, and it's slowly starting to catch the wildlife on film. LOTS of coyotes and the same two does over and over.  Yesterday I spooked a coyote that was near the camera at noon time.  And another day there was a doe laying down about a 100 yards from it.  I shouldn't be checking the camera so often, too much of my scent in the area will drive out the animals, or they'll get used to it. I'm hoping for the latter.  The other night we had 4 different pack of coyotes howling at once within 200 yards,  we have so many it's getting ridiculous.

But I tend to take the daily walk back to the camera and back, gets me outside, alone for now, pushing my own limits, gets me some exercise, some sun while it's here and some excitement of what I may have captured on film, usually it's 100 pictures of the same thing caused by the wind blowing the tree I have the camera affixed to, but oh well.  It's a good camera, just the operator needs some work.

I need a vacation away from this place, less stress, it's just constant knocking at my door, either mother in law, or the kids, or someone else, you can't get away from it.  Like living in a fish bowl, year after year....  I guess I need to start planning my "hunting trip to the farm",  maybe a weeks worth of peace of mind away from chaos,  or if it was anything like last trip there,  it was more chaotic but at least it was enjoyable.

til next time :)