Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Family visit and back to same old same old

Well, finally got rid of the family that was down to visit *JUST KIDDING*.  Always great to see them, and keeps me wanting more time with them.  Paid back Grandma for the weight I put on when I was over to them last,  Had to laugh when she weighed herself in the bathroom, "FOUR POUNDS!" I put on 4 lbs since we were here.  Hehe.    And she also mentioned she found the pine cone I stuffed in her shoe about a week after we had left Argyle.  Somehow I got blamed for it.  *shrug* dunno why.

Love that lady.  But it did seem like we didn't stop eating or munching the entire time we were together.  Best food from our family I tell ya. Heck with Paula Dean lol.   OH, that's right, wonderful family heh, I knew about time they would be here on Monday, so Loki and I walked towards town about 1/2 mile to "meet them" more or less, I figured they'd drive by and leave us stranded, which they did,  Greg leaning out the window asking which way to Burlington as they laughed and whooshed by me trotting behind with Loki in tail lol.

So, that's the way the day began, pretty much continued that way until they left Tuesday afternoon.  Was trying to talk them into staying until Friday morning, we could watch the Packer game on Thursday, but nope, guess they were afraid of having to go on a diet after another day with us.  Especially with Grandma excited about the Limburger cheese I got for her, wow she dove into that.

All of us may have over did it with how much food we had for each other, we bought quite a bit and they brought a cooler full.  We had the ribs Monday night after they cooked in the crockpot all day with Greg's 70 layer rub on them, plus we threw em on the grill with the sauce, mmm mmm good, I finally finished them today, and they kept getting tastier.  Made some tasty brats soaked in beer for lunch, we did surprisingly well on those since we had about 5 kinds of cheese and crackers and summer sausage ready for them to munch on right off.  Grandma kept digging through that,  great appetite I she has.  Of course I made malted milks for them about 8pm Monday night, send em off to bed full hehe.

Of course Loki was a nutcase, bugging everyone constantly and being a little snot.  You know how kids, even when I was a kid, yes surprisingly I was a kid once and a little snot believe it or not.  Anyway, you know when you or other kids were young and you have company, you think you can get away with a lot more, just because you know your parents don't want to look "mean" by yelling at you more than usual?  Well apparently dogs are no different, little turd.  He pushed every button I have and then some.  He rarely jumps up on the counter, well he did well on Monday, up on the counter, shoved 1/2 of a summer sausage in his snout, and off to the races he and I go, and he had the nerve to growl a bit at me when I took it away from him.  Grrrrr. Was a trying today for this "proud" father of that mutt lol.

By the end of the day he was crashed out tired as all get out, he slept a ton after they left on Tuesday as well, poor little puppy hehe.  Was a great time for all I think, I was a bit excited a little nervous Sunday night, but after they got here, I had a peaceful anxiety free time.  Family seems to have a calming effect for me now.  Used to get really nervous and have a hard time when they came over, now I look forward to it so much. I'm already thinking about when I can try to get over to Argyle again for a couple days, really miss the farm, not the cows, but the farm.  Of course it's safe now, cows are gone no milking :)

Aunt Linda made her special omelettes for breakfast, yummy stuff, so we didn't suffer to much or go away hungry then either, same for lunch, mixed bag of left overs from supper, thinking maybe 2 racks of ribs was a tad much wow we ate too much geez.  And as I write this my supper is sitting on the table with Loki sitting next to it staring at it like it's going to magically float down to him.  anyway...... lots of laughs, and constant practical jokes like normal, you gotta be careful when my Dad and I get together, he's dangerous enough on his own, but when we get together nothing or nobody is really out of line of fire of the kidding around.

Grandma just sits there and shakes her head and smiles, she knows we learned from the other master of disaster, her husband.  Can't believe she stays and stayed looking so young for all these years with the 3 of us around.  And probably why she needs hearing aids now, or heck maybe they aren't hearing aids, more like ear plugs to tune us out??  Hmmmm. Makes ya wonder.

I could write all day about my family I think, but I'll end it here, was a wonderful visit leaving me wanting more.

Thanks for reading.