Monday, September 10, 2012

Packers, what is wrong with you!

Bad weekend for Wisconsin football geez.  We need a new defensive coordinator, time to say goodbye to Capers and promote Kevin Greene the linebackers coach,  and order a new pair of hands for Finley, "elite" tight end my butt.   And Badgers? wow you guys didn't look worth a crap, enough said.   We need a running game all the way around in Wisconsin apparently.

Anyway.  Waiting on the family to arrive, should be about a hour now, and last night the excitement of seeing them again had me a tad on the edge, couldn't sleep worth a crap, so i'm dead dog tired.   Speaking of dead dog,  coyotes keep picking away at Niko's grave site, and it's REALLY starting to piss me off.  All I have for weoponry is my longbow and a few arrows, have my 2 pistols from my law enforcement days but no ammo, need a long rifle to deal with the issue.  But before getting doctor help, I honestly didn't trust myself with any weopons around as bad as I was feeling with my anxiety.

But now, any thoughts like that are long gone.

And what is wrong with people these days?  The arson in Argyle of the Wand family, if you haven't read about it google it.  Sick people in this world, absolutely ridiculous.

Well, soon I'll starting cutting up the cheese and summer sausage for the visitors, got a wide assortment of "shullsburg cheese",  and I actually bought some limburger.  Grandpa Bob loved the stuff, and you know what?  I actually tried that crap lol, and it was GOOD, you get passed the smell and I really enjoyed it lol.   And buying that limburger makes me think of Gramps, when we made th journey home, I was a little annoyed at myself that while we were there, why the heck didn't I at least stop by his gravesite and pay my respects?  I totally forgot about it, felt really bad I didn't do that.

So, next trip I"m stopping there first, and dropping off a can of chewing tobacco and some Limburger for him lol.  Yeah maybe I'm strange, but I got it from him and my dad hehe.  Should light off a few firecrackers there as well.

Moving on.  I need a dentist, anyone busy?  My one tooth keeps absessing, which ain't good, last 2 days it's been getting worse and worse, face starting to swell up, and ache, another reason I hardly slept at all last night and my insurance doesn't cover dental.  And we all know dentists are so inexpensive.  But my whole family has issues with teeth, hereditary issues all down the line, and the being of afraid of dentists probably didn't help.

Wow, talk about jumping all over the place in this blog hehe.  But I've been slacking on writing, and I do enjoy it.  Besides that, Jeanne's quilt blog she started quite some time ago gets more viewers and readers a month than mine, so now it's a competition as well as healing for me.  So spread the word, let the healing begin!! hehe.

Sounds like they forgot to bring Jada with them when they left this morning, trying to talk her into surprising everyone by coming down on her own. Doesn't sound promising, so maybe after Greg gets home tuesday, they can come just the 2 of them on Wednesday.  Need all the visitors from the old world I can get, really gets me going and want to push more when I see them, I get a little down and frustrated around here. 

Strange really, well in a good way. When I was back home it just felt like I fell right into old times, back in Burlington seems like I'm always stressed.  Can't seem to kick back and feel at home, I feel uneasy to a point every day.

Well gonna be a busy morning I guess, trouble again getting the kids off to school, almost missed the bus, that's really fun getting 4 of them to shake their tails that early in the morning, now Richard's mom and dad just pulled in,  another hour and my family will be here, gonna be an interesting morning I can tell already.  Loki can tell something is up also, he's pacing around, no he doesn't have to poop, he didn't sleep well either and pooped at FOUR in the morning,  uggghh we don't like those middle of early morning outings.

Let's see, i've covered about 20 different subjects in quick fashion.  going to post this as is right now, and maybe write more tomorrow,  will i'm sure have more to share with the world and hope everyones having a good day and anxiety free.

see ya.