Saturday, April 25, 2015

Driving Miss Daisy

Well, for the first time in over a decade I was able to drive for longer than twenty minutes at a time without anxiety consuming me,  made it the entire 2 hours to Argyle behind the wheel.  For me this is just shy of a miracle and quite exciting, could possibly open up a whole new almost normal life for me.

Although I'm not ready to tackle the world just yet, I might be getting there.   I think with the vehicle setbacks in the past week, and the wonderful stress and grumpiness it brought on, mixed with the need to get our of Burlington and to the see the family in Argyle, mixed well enough to let me do about anything I wanted to this time.

Did feel slight tension build up a hour into the trip, but a quick pit stop for Jeanne's coffee and relieve our bladders,  was just what the Doctor ordered, and I had no trouble making it the entire way, with a quick supper break in Monroe `with my old friend Jeremy Hagen and his family at Pizza Hut.  was a great time, so good to see them again.

And then on to Argyle to my Dad's house, and a good hour of unpacking 2 weeks of clothing and accessories.  Last time I stayed I wasn't expecting to stay, so I was way short on the necessities for that stay. This time overly prepared and ready to tackle the Turkey hunt upcoming on Wednesday.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

A hunting will will go!!!

But.... not today.   Truck BACK in the shop, leaking fluid all over the rear end from the mechanics stellar work last week.  Apparently they put bad axle seals in, and now they are spewing liquid all over.  Less than pleased with this wonderful setback, however, did receive the news that they would cover all the costs, or I'd have an added expense of bail money to my laundry list of setbacks lately.

So, was hoping to go filming some turkey hunts tomorrow, probably the whole weekend.  Well that shoots that plan pretty quickly, along with my mood that WAS starting to get better after the first 500 dollar set back from the outstanding mechanics from last week. 

I been out practicing my turkey calling, taking some pictures of deer, and enjoying the wonderful Spring weather in Wisconsin with the balmy 30 degree mornings and snow showers.  Welcome to the land of the twenty minute summer, 6 month winter, 3 months of fall and the res
t a chilly spring.

Shifting gears again, probably do that a few times in this little episode.  Still not getting why these anti-hunters are so bent out of shape on Facebook,  why can't they turn the page already, no freaking reason they have to look at pictures they don't want to see on social media channels.  Free country, freedom of speech, blah blah blah,  do they have a separate set of rules they go by?

Why must everyone turn their beliefs toward what THEY want instead of having separate free will to do as they want, and what we want without forcing it down their throats.  Ridiculous.  Get a new hobby quit your whining and go hug a tree already.

Speaking of which, need to move a few TREE stands around after turkey season, or maybe do it during if there isn't much going on with the long beards.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What's The Deal With The Sudden Anti-Hunting Movement?

All I see on social media lately is this spam and attention seekers with anti-hunting slanderous information.   If I don't like the show I'm watching, I really have a lot of great choices.  1.  I could turn it off.  2. I could turn the channel.  3. Keep watching and hope it changes for the better.  We could go on and on about your choices. But, I think the first one works good enough.

Are they just looking for attention?  I'm a life long hunter and a meat eater, I can't go 2 days in a row without eating meat for fear of not making it through to the 3rd day.  SO, of course I'm somewhat biased.  Now that said, some of the pictures being posted on Facebook and other social media places are indeed going a bit far In "MY" opinion,  and an opinion is like an asshole every has one.

But some of the pictures out there are going a tad far these days, use a little common sense in your picture posting people, not everyone wants to see gaping holes in gods creatures plastered over everything, the one with the girl laying down next to a giraffe actually didn't sit well for me, but I am pro-hunting.  So this is far as I will go in spewing an opinion on what I don't like seeing from hunters.

But, why the sudden outburst from the liberal anti-hunting people?  Seriously, move on.  I do not see hunters spamming the vegetarians and peta activists with pictures of their prized trophies, putting up ridiculous petitions to ban them from showing vegetables torn from the Earth only to be boiled, fried and cutup in a despicable manner. HOW DARE they kill those precious fruits and vegetables!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Lance's World: Speed Bumps!

Lance's World: Speed Bumps!: No, not what we're going to talk about today.  But that dang truck sure set me back having to pay over 500 bucks.  Need this website...

Speed Bumps!

No, not what we're going to talk about today.  But that dang truck sure set me back having to pay over 500 bucks.  Need this website work we are doing to start paying off!  Guess It's time to start networking with people selling their own items and services on their and own and see if we can work out some deals together.

Not really sure how that works, so if any of my readers have any ideas or would like to work together, let me know.

I love sharing my journey about my anxiety troubles that are entering about 13th year, I've tried to get away from dwelling on just writing about the troubles of everyday life with anxiety, but just touching on it now and then.  I think if you have read back from the beginning until even today, you'll understand through the dark days and the bright ones that I think the "journey" still applies with how I'm writing this even now.  Moving forward instead of talking daily about how it effects everything you do.  Instead, doing what I enjoy, talking about life, activities, likes and dislikes, and really just reaching out and networking with new people, and old friends.

So, that said, I think It's time to network, talk with some vendors, see if they'd like to combine forces in a way.

moving on, for now, next page....

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Just one of those days.

Ever have one of those days?  You don't think you woke up the wrong side of the bed, you don't think you are in a bad mood. But just nothing seems to be in the right place in the world.  Everything I seem to say today is taken in a bad way, and the more I seem to talk, chat and anything in between, comes to a screeching halt by looks of discontent with my manner I'm bringing my thoughts to light.

So, what do I do tonight?  I write some more.   Great idea right?

Probably something to do with the pain I'm in. Have a bad neck and back, the neck is more than a pain in the neck today, can barely move my head left to right without screaming.

So, as I annoy the world one person at a time, my evil plan apparently is unfolding before my eyes and I didn't even know I had a plan.  granted It is definitely not a good plan, and not sure the outcome of said plan is worthy of exploring further, but maybe if I shoot for the stars here and have a goal in mind, maybe my day will turn around and starting making people smile again instead of having them give the one finger salute and run away.  No It hasn't been my intention, but as today draws to a close, it's surely not looking any brighter than it started out.

I can't think of a darn good thing that happened to me today.  I woke up,. I guess that's something right there.  Really hard to write this without that first happening, So I can be thankful for that.   Got to watch my 10 year old Niece's soccer game today, good time, but didn't help my neck much. But still fun to see her out there competing and having fun.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Trucks "fixed" on with planning.

Well, after just over 500 bucks dished out that I don't really have to be throwing around to fix the Durango, I'm so pleased.   *grumbles* . I guess, was going to have to it in the shop to be looked over completely before the big trip out West come August anyway.   I didn't however have them do the whole body look see right now. That's going to have to wait until later.

But I guess, better that it happened now then half way through South Dakota somewhere right?  But, why did It have to happen right after I had ordered a new pair of binoculars for the trip and for hunting before I go.  They aren't expensive ones, but got them today and very impressed.  Little heavy, but very clear bright and great zoom.