Friday, August 30, 2013

The Hose has arrived

Well, we awoke hungry again, bright and early, dogs pottied and we had to decide to spend another good chunk of cash on another night in the hotel,  today we had planned on going home, but without my vehicle working properly, would be kind of tough,  we still had Jeanne's sister's vehicle, but if we took that home, I can't imagine they'd be too happy not having a ride to get home with on their own.

Checkout was supposed to be at 10:00 A.M.  it was about ten minutes to, and said the heck with it, might as well just stay another day,  we were supposed to hear about my truck by lunchtime, but if we didn't get the room by 10, who knows if you'd be stuck without a room, or end up paying 300 bucks for the only vacancy in town otherwise,  so, I made the call, asked for a repeat customer discount, which he at least gave me 15 percent off the third night.  Car guy hadn't called yet. *sigh*

Dad looking for some fun at Paul Bunyan's...

And off we went for breakfast.  This time it was at Paul Bunyan's.  Very good food, busy as all get out, and reasonable prices, and it's all you can eat.  Just don't look at ANYTHING in the gift shop, worst prices I've seen in the Dells for souvenirs.   Ridiculous prices.  But food was very good.  And they get you in and out of their fast, man they must rake in the bucks in that place.  Anywho.  We filled our bellies up for sure, and loaded up,  Jeanne was going to go play miniature golf since it was only 87 degrees today at 10:30 am.  So, was almost long underwear weather compared to the last 2 days, I wanted to take dad to the deer park,  and Jeanne dropped us off.

                                                            Me being abnormal as usual
                                                            Dad in his glory :P

I have about 60 pictures from the deer park, but posting them right now might be a bit much.  Since Dad and I love whitetail so much, especially hunting in general.  It was very fun to get up close and personal with the deer, one really nice buck followed us around a lot of the park.  You can buy at two bucks a pop a handful of wafers that the deer just love the stuff.  And having them eat them out of your hands was kinda neat.   Have to watch out for the antlers though,  the deer, once you feed them get a little pushy and want more food, they get right down on you with those horns and bonk you right in the head.

So, as we're enjoying our walk around the park, petting the deer, they just loved their necks scratched, I get the call from the auto guy, trucks ready..... of course, middle of a twelve dollar per person deer park day and I get to go spend more money on my trip!! woohoo.  Well, he was there until 3 pm, so we were just going to walk around and take our time, Jeanne was golfing with her family, and having fun, figured we had time. But I called her to tell her the truck was ready, and apparently she took that as, time to pick me up, I'll be right there *click*,  ummmm I didn't mean RIGHT away haha.  

Well, wasn't 10 minutes and she was there in the lot of the deer park, calling me asking where the heck I was,  well umm, we're walking around, with wafers in hand, I guess we'll just start tossing the tasty morsels around quickly so we didn't keep Jeanne darling waiting, so we hustled through the last couple hundred yards, flinging wafers at deer in the park, as they ducked and ran for cover, children crying and fleeing in fear as we charged through the masses in search of the waiting vehicle for a hasty getaway. 

Ok ok,  I might of spiced that up a bit. But hey, it was funny hehe. 

So, off we went to get back my truck pay the bill and drop off our borrowed vehicle.   But instead we left Jeanne with her family again, and decided to go back to the room for a drink and relax for awhile, the heat was really coming back in force big time.   

But, I decided to drive again, which apparently was not a good idea.  I made it a few miles, nearly to the Canadian border and I just couldn't go further, was 3/4 mile from the motel with Dad and had to let him finish the drive, I just felt like crap and anxiety was just taking over, I didn't want it to fester any longer than it had to make things worse, I wanted to not give in and finish, but we had another night and part of a day to go, didn't want to take a chance,  soon as I got out I was 100 percent fine before I even got to the other side of the vehicle to continue on.   *sigh*  odd crap this anxiety.

We got back to the room and both had a drink.....

Dad took a nap, I played candy crush and wrote my blog.

After a while, we went and picked up Jeanne and again went back to the motel and chatted for a while and started thinking about supper for the night, someplace we hadn't gone yet was preferred by all.  So, we headed out in my fixed truck to see what trouble we could stir up.  Our first attempt was the House of Embers,  and shortly after seeing the menu and price list posted outside the door, we went rushing back to the truck,  let's just say 40 bucks for a 10 ounce steak was a bit more than i'd like to spend.

Next stop, Delbar Restaurant,  and featuring a chicken breast over rice for 21.99, ummmm ONE CHICKEN BREAST????  And it got worse the more you read on that menu, so after some discussion we decided on going back to River's Edge Restaurant where we ate breakfast the morning we took the truck to get fixed.

The place was packed, we got a table right away, smack dab in the middle of everyone,  I know longer sat down and my anxiety panic and whatever else immediately decided to rear it's ugly head and not let go.  I tried to drink a beer down, maybe calm my escalating nerves, no go,  went to the bathroom and put some cold water on my face and ordered a rum and coke from the waitress that didn't come for 20 minutes.  Got a straw for my beer to try to slurp that down,  (I have troubles eating and drinking when I start panicking, a straw keeps me from sucking in a lot of air, ie: gulping, and causing more issues)  but I couldn't even do that.  

So, I asked the waitress if we could move tables out to the bar area away from the masses of people, that was no trouble, and I tried to move as much as I could to not inconvenience her more than I had already.  I used to get embarrassed when I was having panic issues in public, but I just don't care anymore, it's like any other disability, either people accept it or they don't, not my problem what they think.   But the move didn't help, the panic just stayed and slightly rose the longer I stayed, I usually can get it to calm down after a bit, but it just wouldn't let go.  Food arrived and I just couldn't eat, I took a couple small bites and asked for a carry out box, just couldn't do it. 

Sorry to ruin an evening for Jeanne and my Dad, but lovingly so, they realize what I go through and understand that it can happen, and supported me through it.   Anyway,  not to dwell on it,   we drove back to the motel and had a couple beers and watched a movie for the night.  Of course the dish network was out, so no TV for the night,  Dad couldn't watch his never ending supply of hunting and cooking shows so he was grumpy of course.  We booted up the laptop to watch a movie on the Internet, which was fun.  however the speedy Internet they have there you'd watch two minutes of movie, two minutes of buffering the movie.  *sigh*.   Tomorrow we head home. 

I was stressed out from the day of anxiety problems,  and knew why as I laid there, I had missed/forgotten/put off two days worth of one of my meds, and that's a big no-no.  And it made me pay the price unfortunately. So I tossed and turned most the night, and dogs got me up at 5:45 am and that was it for me for sleep.  But the dogs decided my dad should be awake too, and joyfully jumped on him with kisses all over.  Not long and they were back to sleep and curled up to sleep. 

I let everyone sleep while I packed a bit, and when everyone was awake we started filling the truck up and argue with the couple next door who were die-hard Bear's fans.  Good time there.  Back and forth with them for a hour about how our teams will beat up each other, and on the road we went again.  After spending our family fortune on a 3 night stay in the Dells we decided on McDonald's for breakfast.

The McDonald's is a freaking log cabin with deer and fish mounts all over, cathedral ceilings, fireplaces and luxury,  So, after a breakfast for 3 and 26.00 bucks later at MCDONALD'S!! for a regular breakfast meal, we left for greener pastures of Argyle and in search of a black cat that started this venture.   

Nice quiet drive home........................

and that's it for the Dells hehe.

talk to you later.....