Thursday, August 22, 2013

Odds and ends

OK,  where do we start today?  We finally got a little rain,  what an odd sight that was, of course not nearly enough, need a couple inches.  But i'm sure we got just enough for the grass to grow uncontrollably, cut the grass, and it'll turn brown again.  *sigh*.   Otherwise, work continues on the trailers, every time I touch either of them there seems to be a bit more to do than I first saw,  even the smaller pop up camper, which I hoped was done, seems to be a bit more and a bit more ready to be looked at.

But, we're going to give it a try anyway.  Towing it back to Argyle this Friday, then up to Wisconsin Dells area on Monday.  Jeanne's family is going up there on Sunday a total of around 14 people going to be there not including Jeanne and I and the mutts.  So, we're going to go say hello for a day and camp up there for 2-3 days in that area.  Will be interesting and probably hot and humid.  But it will be during the week, so hopefully not crazy busy with tourists.

Probably going to park at Mirror Lake State Park, never been there that I recall, would like to see if there is anything there worth seeing.  Deciding if we want to find a nice kennel for one day for the dogs that pamper them, worries me leaving them anywhere with strangers.  Would be nice to go and enjoy a day but I think i'll be thinking and worrying about the boys the whole time.

Anyways.  I've found out that having a drink or two at night, is fun and all, but I sure don't feel like doing anything but sitting and staring off into space,  I slept like a baby the last 2 nights, but even though it's only two drinks I wasn't drunk or even feeling it, I sure feel like absolute crap for half the next day.  Just not worth doing it.  I like that I CAN have a drink now and then, was scared for a long time to try to have a drink being on medications, and what it might do, I'm sure it's not good for me, but whatever, not pounding down a whole bottle, a little nip now and then?? Maybe?

Going to see Grandma tomorrow anyway.  And if she finds out I posted THIS picture of her?  Ohhhhh boy I will wish I was never born hahahahaha.  When I was painting my Dad's living room a badly needed different color, she was of course monitoring my work,  so I snapped this really wonderful picture of her, she knows I have it, she knows I know she knows, and she wants it to disappear very badly,  but I see it.  I laugh, love that woman, and love giving her a hard time more than anything in the world, and she gives it right back hehe.

Ok moving on lol.  Think I shall add more photos to this blog more often.  Seems to make it more interesting, especially putting faces, or places to the words. I like it.

That picture as well, makes me smile, my boys make life so much better.  The fuzz ball on the right of course is about 3 times that size now, have to see if I can catch them doing that pose again, if they aren't arguing, which they do MOST the time... just like brothers.  But i've caught them giving each other kisses now and then, I think it's all an act, they secretly really like each other, but loving putting on the show to irritate me with all their bickering.

Dang, just thought about it, I may have to write a few blog posts before I go, but I need the newly learned things to write about, going to be without Internet for a few days, who is going to keep you guys entertained while i'm gone??  I just KNOW you'll be sitting at your computer and just waiting and wondering,  ok where is it? where's my daily Lance journal!!!!

Yeah ok, sarcasm filter missed that one. :)

OH, I'll be going Bow Hunting for whitetail for the first time in ohhhh, just shy of forever, been at least 15 years since i've done that, or been able to.  In search of the mighty 22 point buck?  Or maybe just some meat for the freezer would be good enough.  At some point I'll have to try to get back in a tree stand.  If you have read my older posts, you'll recall my freaking out nearly trying to get in a tree stand during my gun hunting adventures.  That still lurks in the back of my brain.  But that said,  I was just up on the ladder 15 feet up. And standing on a roof for a time.  My heart was doing back flips and cartwheels, but it's still ticking.

Anyway, it will be fun. 

Bambi!!   No I don't shoot Bambi,  but my game camera got this one for me.  Getting big already, but still cute.  Another good thing for me is my game camera, wish I had more than one,  been helping get out more, and going further out on my own, checking the cameras,  just the excitement to see what you may have gotten a picture of on them keeps me coming back for more. 

Lot of times it's turkeys and way too often it's those darn coyotes, we have so many coyotes here it's ridiculous.   Every night you hear them howling away, sometimes in every direction a good sized pack howling at the firetrucks. 

Oh, yes thanks for reminding me, need to get my fishing poles and tackle from Argyle!! Whew. Nothing like changing the subject right?  Ok, since i'm just jabbering away, going to end this for today.  see you tomorrow ?