Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Get off the roof!! No!

Back at the old farm in Argyle this weekend.  And sure enough Grandma puts me to work right away hehe.  Well not really, she needed her gutters cleaned, and figured I'd give it a go, someone has to, she can't do it. So, figured good time to see if I could get up on the ladder that high up, 6 months ago, wasn't any way I could.  Apparently I'm getting better.  Got them gutters cleaned out by golly.  Even got up on the roof and finished the gutters off that way, with help from Jeanne also.  Even have pictures proving I was up there hehe.

Heart was pounding like mad, but that's alright, took another step in the right direction.  And no, umm don't call me to do your gutters, it wasn't THAT much fun.

But, of course once Grandma saw that I was ready to work,  had me watering her garden, picking tomatoes and pulling off caterpillars that were chewing up the tomato plants.  And then burning a big brush pile for her.  Good to help her, done a lot for me over the years, but time to go back down to Dads house before she had me putting in overtime...........  Oh, well she deserves the love, do everything I can for her while she's still around, last grandparent I have, going to spoil her as long as I can.  I'm sure in her will she'll leave a chore list for me that'll last for 20 years.  I'm only partially kidding on that,  I think I can wait for a while!!

Oh, side note, got a strange call on my cell phone today,  someone in an eastern Indian accent, telling me there has been strange warnings coming from my computer, and wanted me to turn it on so they can check the problem,.... click, bye bye,  anyone have that happen to them, hangup unless you have requested help and can verify the caller. . It's an attempt to steal your identity.  Not sure why they'd want mine,  most days over past 10 years I couldn't give it away.  NOW they want it....... .guess I am getting better hehe.

So, anyway,  not sure I mentioned what my new hobbies are?  We basically stole a decent shape pop up camper for $40.00 at a goodwill type store.  And have been fixing that up, almost done with it.  Quite enjoy doing that,  either going to resell it, use it or rent it out.  I need an income anyway I can get it.  Had so much fun fixing that one up, for really not much cost.  I bought a 21 foot travel trailer, outside is nearly perfect, inside has to be gutted and restored,  cabinets are nearly perfect, toilet and shower are very good, power center looks good,  trailer and tires look very good, has electric assisted breaks.  Got that for a couple hundred bucks,  trailer alone worth nearly 500.  Could part the rest out and make probably 800 total or so.

But, going to work on it, fix it up, and do the same as the pop up.  Keeps me busy, but until they are done they just suck up what little money I have after my doctor bills soak up what they can.  But heck, if I could fix them up and resell buy a couple more, rinse and repeat,  IF they sell,  could make a pretty penny, or I'll have a whole fleet of them with nothing to do with.... oh boy.

On to the next topic at hand..... Since we've last talked last December, we added to our family,, no no Jeanne's didn't get pregnant,  Loki our now year and a half old husky "needed" a brother,  well I thought he did, he's less than pleased with the situation of HAVING a brother.... But alas,  I got him a brother none the less,  a royal pain in the butt 6 month old black and white blue eyed monster called THOR.  And boy oh boy do they love to pick and pick and pick and argue to each other,  and now Thor apparently going through his terrible 2's early and started chewing up stuff.   *sigh*  Great having 2 dogs................Started painting also a bit again,  hard to get back into it, and a little rusty after 6 or 7 months not doing it.  But it's coming back quickly, had nearly as many people telling me to get painting again as I did writing my blog,  one of these things have to start giving me some money darn it, I have too many "hobbies" for other people..

One problem I have painting..  The reason I started doing it about 4 years ago was to help keep some of my anxiety at bay.  And it helped a great deal at first.  I spent many a sleepless night up painting because of panics grip on me.  And it kept my mind off of the issues, sometimes enough to get 3-4 hours of sleep eventually.  But now when I paint that's what I think about,  the panic and anxiety,  I think when I paint now that I must not be feeling well .. it's not the case,  I feel ok, but I associate it with that so much it's hard to get started painting because of that past I have with it.

Same with guitar playing,  took that up about the same time as painting, as another thing to help keep my mind off of my problems.  Hadn't played in a long time, and my best friend Jeremy has a beauty of a guitar, one time we stopped there I restrung it for him, and we twanged on it for a bit.  And I kind of fell in love with guitars again,  and HIS guitar,  really nice one, compared to the piece of crap electric I had.  Of course I have two other guitars, very nice Washburn acoustic,  and a Washburn acoustic electric.  So I traded in my crappy electric at Guitar Center in Madison for a new Ephiphone Les Paul plus top.  What a beautiful guitar, plays great.   But I still have troubles like in painting, of picking it up and playing because of my previous reasons for learning guitar in the first place.   it seems to never end geeez.

Dang anxiety and panic is a royal pain in the behind.  As I talked about before, mowing lawn used to be a huge issue.  Couldn't stay on the thing more than 10 minutes before I was kicking and screaming to get off it, then this summer I'm even mowing my neighbors lawn in Burlington at least once a week.  And he's got a big son of a buck lawn 4 hours worth of steady cutting.  But great couple,  really like Sandy and Lois B.. well I won't put there last names.

I had stopped over to meet them earlier this summer.  Wanted to know if I could put up a game camera on their land,  they have about 40 acres next to us, and some very large deer, and to see if I could walk my dogs on their property.  Not a problem at all.  So, I started stopping by now and then to say HI,  they are both elderly, and seem to enjoy the chat. And I've always had a fondness and respect for those older than I, especially those of grandparent age.

I fear however my grandmother may know them somehow lol. Wasn't too long and they had me helping them with some chores around the house, which of course I don't mind at all.  But then, they talked with me how Sandy wasn't feeling too well, and had a stroke recently, and has a few other issues with health as well, and wondered if I'd mow their lawn for them.  I had to hesitate a bit, I didn't know if I could or not,  HUGE lawn, I mean huge, you could easily play 9 holes of golf there.  But I wanted to help, he likes things kept very neat and tidy.  So, what the heck sure.

Had Jeanne bring our mower the first time, I used our mower and she used their zero turn mower, and sure enough I couldn't go more than 10 minutes at a time for the first hour, I figured oh crap this will be fun.  But after that hour, it got a little easier and easier after a while I sent Jeanne home, and I finished it up without anyone around, and since then I been mowing our lawn which is alone 3 hours worth,  Sandy's at 4 hours my grandmas 1.5 hours and my dads about 3 hours, just about every week.  With no trouble at all.

But then a 2 week dry spell, no lawn cutting needed to be done, thank goodness a break.. But soon as I had to cut again, I had one heck of a time staying on the mower.  Anxiety had returned partially.  I fought through 7. 5 hours that day of mowing the neighbors and ours. I made it through.  So, I guess you just gotta fight at times, it's frustrating to have anxiety just not stay away, with so many different hobbies and running here and there it's hard to not find anxiety knocking me around from time to time.

But we fight on......................