Sunday, August 25, 2013

To the Dells we go... tomorrow

Alright, so we headed to Argyle with our newly refurbished pop-up camper.  Of course we set it up once we got to Argyle to finalize a few things, and of course that lead to, well it wasn't completely done being refurbished, but oh well. it's close enough for now.  Will finish a few odds and ends that were overlooked a bit. Minor things at least.  The campers sure are neat, more or less just a step up from tent camping with your butts off the ground.  Tows great, nice and smooth, Jeanne was a nervous wreck for the 2 hour drive, but she's never had to tow anything before, so it was expected.

Probably didn't help that whenever she got comfortable, i'd say something like, hmm I think the tires may be going flat, or should it be swaying like that?   There was nothing wrong, but I'm kind of demented and like to give her a hard time hehe.

But anyway, it's up, it's cool, we like it and were going to take it all the way to the Dells this weekend with my Dad, Jeanne and I and the two dogs.  But once we looked at what the weather is going to be??  Mid-90's hot and humid maybe only 70's at night?  We think towing it another 2 hours north from Argyle, to be hot all day,  and maybe miserable at night, might just be worth a motel room for a couple nights until we get an air conditioner for the camper.

Fell asleep about 3:00 am this morning finally, had to take some of my meds I don't like to HAVE to take, but finally they worked, but at 5:45am I see these eyes posted below looking at me, about that far away, whining and a little kiss on my nose.. "daddy I gotta go potty".....

Anxiety was bad last night jumpy as all get out,  I think I can partially blame Jeremy Hagen a bit.  He got me stuck on Southern Sweet Tea, seems to be too much sugar and caffeine in it, and I drink way too much of it.  But what a horrible night.  Feel good today, ,so far anyway,  might as well just stick with that and feel good eh? Ok sounds like a plan.  Thanks for telling me!

Started out my new project, yeah all I needed a new project, but I bought Jason Hartwig's small boat and trailer for, well honestly for the condition a fair price.  So, going to fix that up, mostly want the trailer, I do have another similar, but a bit larger project boat as well that I wanted the trailer for, but the motor if I can rehab that will use it on the larger boat and hope the trailer works for that one.  And shhhh don't tell him, but i'd like to fix up the boat I bought from him, and either rent it out, like up at Yellowstone Lake, along maybe with my campers, or sell it, and use that money to rehab another project.  *shrug* who knows, but I do enjoy the hobbies and projects I have going, has me really excited.

However I do need to turn a profit from one of these soon, get a little low on funds.   But it's hard to pass up a good deal.  We have the canvas on the pop-up and found of course a few more holes that we need to attend to, but geez for a $40 dollar investment, plus around 300 bucks into it, including the darn little tires that cost 116 bucks between the two including installation.  It's worth probably 1200-1500 dollars.  SO!! Hey can't go wrong right?  Spend money to make money so they say.  The 40 dollar spend I don't mind.  And constant working on these projects keeps my mind on that.

And I'm excited about doing a business with these projects.  No I really don't want to start rehabbing other peoples projects, but never know I guess?  I may take that on, if it's not a huge project.  Hmm Have to think about that.   Have the tools and with the Internet if I don't already know it, i'll find it.

Ok, so on to the Dells, going to be in mid 90's all week, how wonderful.  Did decide on a hotel room for 2 nights, not taking the trailer/camper up, mostly because it will be too hot for the dogs more than anything.  But we'll go up Monday morning, meet up with Jeanne's family and that's at Mt Olympus and see what trouble we can get into.

I'm actually very excited, last time I was at the Dell's was 19 years ago for Jeanne's 30th birthday. Now, i'm excited because I CAN GO!!  And not worry about my anxiety being a problem,  I KNOW I can do it, I know I can have fun, relax and get away from stress for even 2 days.

If not, this guy might show up, then look out, the party is about to start rolling!!  But hey, we're taking Dad up, he can get the SENIOR DISCOUNTS!!!  LOL.  gave him some grief about that.  Might as well taking the fishing poles up, see if we can find time to throw a line or two in the water as well eh?

Ok, going to pack now, while it's so nice and cold outside.  RIIIIIIGHT!.

See ya later.