Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Broke My Pole and Missed My Dr Appointment

Found a place to fish, during one of our drives through the countryside in places I've never gone,  there was a small 8 acre or so farm lake, that had a nice stream feeding it, and emptying from across the road into another marshy lake.

Stopped to take a look, and huuuuge carp were rolling all over, gotta give that a try. Carp are nasty fish, but after about 10 years without fishing if I even caught an old boot I'd of been happy as a clam.  So I got my old tackle out. Got some corn out of the freezer and we headed out to the carp grounds.

Was midday, so they weren't that active but still were a few rolling in the mud, and the casting begins. Only took about 4 casts to get a big strike on a nice fish and took a minute or so to horse him to shore, upon which my nice fishing pole decided to snap in half. One small tear was enough as I reached down to pull the 8 pound carp on shore. My first fish in a loooooong time, even if it was a carp. Lot of bites after that but that was it, and Jeanne and Loki said it's time to go home, they were bored.

The next day was the psychiatrist visit, and anticipation was mounting to go, I wanted to see what he had to say, we got there promptly at 2:30 for our appointment, and the receptionist there said, that's great, except your appointment was at 12:30. Oh joy. So, the 25th rescheduled lol.

Had them take my blood pressure while I was there, 102/74  w00t. Very nice.

Then went shopping for a new fishing pole, bought a nice 7 foot medium action Shakespeare rod. Can't wait to give it a try. Also needed a new razor, got one with all the toys with it. Yeah ok, enough about my shopping trip, I'm sure real exciting to hear lol.

Tonight we went to the puppy park and spent about a hour and a half there trying to get our 5 month old Husky Loki to socialize, but he spent a good hour of that huddled by my feet peeking between my legs, there was about 10 other dogs there all under a year old, it was chaos, puppies flying all over. He's so timid, hope we can bring that out of him some.

Especially since puppy training at Petco in Lake Geneva starts tomorrow, he's going to have to show up, looks funny if you don't bring a dog with you.

The weather is starting to be more forgiving, the oppressive 100 degree weather seems to have passed, I was noticing being stuck inside for much of the day was getting my anxiety going a bit, and I was really looking forward to getting in the car to go do something, anything. Can't believe I actually said that, and how easy it came out. "Get in the car and do something". Wow that feels good. After being so afraid all those years of that 4 wheeled death mobile, I can't wait to go somewhere now, wow.

I even take the wheel and drive for a few miles here and there, not comfortable at all, but it is like riding a bike, all my senses are still there, didn't even have to watch the speedometer, every time I did it was still pegged at the speed limit. Just a matter of time and continuing to push my limits as much as I can take I guess.

Just not looking forward to winter, once again being stuck inside a lot will be a test, need to get myself going quicker and really gear up for that now so I'm ready to not have to worry about it. Sounds weird, but winters have really been a killer for me all these years.

My next big plan is to make a 2 hour journey to the old family farm and visit my family, that'll be a nice test, and I want to do that within the next month or so.

I'll keep you posted on that.