Thursday, November 14, 2013

Getting easier to sit in tree stands!

Didn't even notice until today, but getting in stand and staying in the stands is getting easier and easier, feel much more comfortable.  So that's a huge upside,  downside is, can't get any good sized bucks to actually make an appearance at least close enough to shoot anyway, getting frustrated.  Dad and I saw all kinds of bucks running around this morning, 3 only had one antler , one side missing, we have some really crappy bucks around here.

I did see one that was an actual shooter but of course he was hot on a does butt, 150 yards away and wanted nothing to do with me, and that buck had a forky behind him, and then a button buck got on his tail.  pretty funny.   Saw a ton of big Turkey gobblers come by this morning also.  So we sat in the same spots tonight, figured they'd still be chasing that doe around in there tonight.  But we both blanked, not a darn thing moving anywhere.  What a boring night.

Went for a cruise around  Josh's hunting area with Jason the other night, and only saw 124 deer, and about 15 bucks 4 really nice ones.  *sigh*  wish we had that kind of deer around.  Couldn't even drive down the road, there was deer walking right down the road, crossing everywhere, laying five feet off the road, it was insane.  Haven't seen 124 deer since beginning of bow season around Argyle combined, maybe half that. Let alone ONE night of driving around.

And geez was it cold a few mornings and nights hunting holy crap cold cold cold.  

Alright hunting news over. Getting close to Gun season anyway, have to start talking about that soon I suppose.

On the homefront, apparently Jeanne says I can't drink booze at all anymore,  and says that I've apparently been "sneaking booze" and drinking so nobody knows, well can tell you right now that's bullshit, but she can whatever opinion she wants, even if it's a wrong one.  But yes, it's true with my issues with anxiety, alcohol is a big demon that I shouldn't be indulging in at all. Does me no good at all, but she's all pissy with me.

Course that all started after I got annoyed that she's gotta be driving her father all over with "our" truck at night with all the deer running about,  she doesn't pay the insurance, or the deductible, I do.  Told her I paid for the last deer she hit, and dealt with all the issues that brought about.  She can deal with the next one if she bends the new vehicle.

 She changed her tune about the other stuff then attacked me about drinking?  Ain't life peachy.  Her Dad has cancer yes, he isn't well. Can't drive.  But would it hurt if he maybe helped with gas at least? Or maybe had us take his vehicle to do all his running?  *sigh*.

I guess everyones life has fun and drama to deal with.  But not everyone has a blog they can whine about it with everyone hehe.

So anyway, I just move on, can't let others try to drag you down, don't let them put their issues on your shoulders and then blame you for them.  I got enough of my own demons and issues without having guilt trips put on me.

moving on,  going to watch a little football with Dad, head out to the camper with Thor, watch a movie and sleep like a baby, get up and go kill a big buck in the morning.