Thursday, November 7, 2013

Back to Argyle,,,,,,again

At least the gas prices dropped!!!  $3.07 in Burlington!!  Was $3.09 earlier, maybe dropping more? we can hope so.  But after only a few days back in B-town, yes original home of Tony Romo, go Packers.  We're heading back to Argyle for more hunting.  Not sure why exactly, I got 2 deer, don't need another, can't afford to have another cut up anyway geez.  But I love just being out in the woods, so long not being able to, just can't get enough of it.

In the meantime, back in Burlington,  been hunting every morning and night, even went out for a hour or so during noontime.  And yep, saw bucks then too.  Love the RUT!  Called in 2 bucks today at 11:00 am.  One small forky and a year and a half ten pointer.  They shall live on.

But the highlight of the week was definitely Tuesday night hunting.  I had moved my trail camera the day before, and had found an OK tree to climb up in about 14 feet or so, that was right on a nice trail.  And the trail cam had said, yep good spot buddy,  one nice buck several small ones and a few does just in a few hours after I set it up there.

That said, I set out for the nights hunt, really looking forward to it,  had my deer scent on, back pack full of essentials, bow in hand, ready for one of those monsters I know lurk nearby, and really want one of those so badly, just don't see those often around Argyle.  And I have at least 3 that are 3 of the biggest I've ever seen.

So, tree steps screwed in one by one, slowly I climb to the next tree step to screw in, get the 5th one in the tree, carefully set my bow on one of the limbs.  Then I grabbed on to the top tree step, my foot sturdily.... well I thought sturdy,  started to pull myself up, and I hear a "pop" and next thing I know I dropped about 10 feet and was on the ground before I had a clue what was going on, all I knew was I had some pains that I didn't 2 seconds ago.  All I knew at that moment was I wasn't in the tree any longer.
A quick check after I gathered my thoughts told me nothing was broken, but dang was I aching.  Huge welt on my chest where apparently I hit another tree step on the way down  *ouch* and that bounced me away from the tree. Thank goodness that big oak tree 5 feet away stopped me from rolling further!!  OK sarcasm there.  I think that hurt worse than falling was the abrupt stop.  So anyway.  Head spinning, jarred my neck whiplash style, had to climb back up the tree to get my bow out.  Then stomped through the woods and stood somewhere else for about 45 minutes, then pouted and limped home licking my wounds.

Next morning of course,  both shoulders aching, back needs a good chiropractor, huuuge bruise on my chest,  both wrists and one elbow hurts.  I sure am not twenty anymore.

OK, anyway moving on from being an idiot hehe.  Noticed more and more I don't even take my meds with me when I'm out hunting.  So, that's a big upside to all this. Don't even take any before I go.  Probably change a little back in Argyle, since I'll be up in "normal" ladder stands without tree steps to bother with, which is a plus apparently.   But still getting up in the trees wreaks havoc on my brain,  and it's been a few days, so even though only been a short while,  I'll have to adjust a bit.  

And now of course since I have no permanent injuries from my "incident", probably mental scarring but I'm used to that,  but I'm sure I shall receive all sorts of grief from friends and family, on facebook it's already started, which was expected.

Gonna leave a short blog on that note.  Write some more tomorrow,  this keyboard is breaking down on me and is really annoying at the moment,  space bar is  ssssssssssstiiiicking.